10 Ways to Look Classy on a Budget (2023)

10 Ways to Look Classy on a Budget

Hi guys,

Don’t we all want to classy and elegant? What to do we think of when we talk about a ‘classy’ look? Sophisticated, refined.

And who comes to your mind first when we say ‘classy’? For me, it’s Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana,etc.

What if I say you can look classy while being on a budget? That’s right! You don’t have to be rich to look classy or spend million bucks.

Let me share some pointers on how you can look classy and elegant while being on a budget, I will also share things to avoid at the end.

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1. Well fitted clothes

First and foremost, your clothes should always be structured and well fitted. Loose or ill fitted clothes look shabby, at the same time make sure you conceal your problem areas, for example, dresses that are flared towards the bottom if you have a pear shaped body and outfits that accentuate your waist if you have an hourglass figure. You can also add a belt to give some shape and definition to your loose clothes.

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2. Wear Black

Black is always classy and will never go out of style. When we think of black, we think of Coco Chanel, isn’t it. Black is a neutral that pairs well with everything. Invest in black suits, pants, shoes, bags, that will work with any outfit when you are not sure what to wear.

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3. Layering

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Make jackets/blazers/coats your best friend. Invest in some good quality, well fitted outer wear that will last you a long time and work with everything and in all seasons. Blazers instantly add a sophisticated touch to your outfit and you can pair them with everything from dresses to skirts to denims. Colour co-ordinated blazer pants, blazer skirt sets look very elegant.

4. Pointy shoes

Wear pointed heels or flats, invest in both nude and black colours. Pointed shoes are wardrobe staples and scream expensive.

5. Creaseless clothing

Always make sure to iron or steam your clothes right before wearing them or invest in fabrics that don’t crease as much. Creases in your outfits tend to look shabby.

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6. Structured Bag

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A structured bag in a neutral colour with simple hardware, will elevate your outfit, a structured bag will retain it’s shape regardless of how much stuff is in it, but still avoid over stuffing your bag.

7. Minimal Accessories

Some dainty and delicate neck pieces and earrings or rings, or a statement watch will add an elegant touch to your outfit. But don’t wear them all together or don’t overdo the accessories. Keep it minimal.

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8. Co-ordinate your bag and shoes

Make sure your bag and shoes are of same colour in one outfit, like a black bag and pointy black shoes or nude with nude and so on..or try to keep them in the same colour family. A co-ordinated outfit looks well thought out and more put together.

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9. Minimal makeup

Simple and clean makeup looks fresh and elegant. Neutral shades of brown/taupe for the eyes and a lipstick in either nude, pink or red is classic.

10. Hair and nails

A sleek bun or a pulled back ponytail looks chic, if you plan to leave your home open, keep them straight. Neutral/nude coloured nail paint or a classic French manicure will compliment and finish your look.

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Now some tips on what to completely avoid..

  1. Avoid doing too much, all together. A loud dress, statement jewellery, too much colour together. Keep the whole outfit as simple as possible.
  2. Avoid being a walking billboard. Wearing brands doesn’t make you look classy, wearing a Gucci belt, a LV bag, Chanel sunglasses and a Burberry scarf will only make you look like a billboard. Keep one piece a statement brand piece and work your outfit around it.
  3. Don’t fall for trends. Trends come and go, classy style is something that stays forever in trend, that is why it’s called classic. It’s a way of personal style, don’t fall for whatever is trendy this season because that will keep on changing every 6 months.
  4. Showing too much skin. Classy is not associated with wearing a revealing outfit or showing too much skin. An LBD or a slip dress layered with a coat/blazer looks more sophisticated than showing skin.

I would suggest investing in key, quality pieces and buying one piece at a time if you are on a budget. Always look out for sales and thrift stores, trust me you find some hidden gems in there.

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And that’s it. Now go look expensive on a budget!

P.S.: I do not own the images.


How do you dress classy with a low budget? ›

  1. 12 Tips for Looking Stylish on a Budget. Want to look like a million bucks but don't have the bucks? ...
  2. Good grooming. A stylish look always starts with good grooming. ...
  3. Choose neutral colours. ...
  4. Shop versatile. ...
  5. Pay attention to shape. ...
  6. Find a good tailor. ...
  7. Accept hand-me-downs. ...
  8. Take advantage of accessorising.

How can I look rich and classy on a budget? ›

5 fashion hacks to look expensive when you are on a budget
  1. Invest in gold-tone jewellery. Gold-tone jewellery pieces can completely transform your look. ...
  2. Carry structured bags. Investing in simple and structured bags adds classiness to your outfit. ...
  3. Use mix and match. ...
  4. Reuse old clothes. ...
  5. Buy timeless pieces.
Jul 27, 2022

How can I look attractive in low budget? ›

How to Look Good on a Budget
  1. Shop at outlets or thrift stores.
  2. Stock up on basics.
  3. Go for solid colors and timeless prints.
  4. Pick out silk, satin, and tweed items.
  5. Mix and match the pieces you have.
  6. Scoop up a few pairs of high-quality shoes.
  7. Add color and style to your look with accessories.

How can I look more glamorous on a budget? ›

12 Ways how to look expensive on a budget
  1. Utilize neutral colors. ...
  2. Invest in timeless pieces. ...
  3. Wear clothes that fit well. ...
  4. Take care of your clothes. ...
  5. Opt for structured clothes over slouchy. ...
  6. Pay attention to fabrics. ...
  7. Good grooming goes a long way. ...
  8. Keep your makeup simple.
Nov 22, 2021

How do you look classy when your broke? ›

7 ways to look stylish even when you are broke
  1. Go for thrift clothes. You don't have to wear designer clothes to look nice. ...
  2. Have a nice haircut or hairdo. ...
  3. Use accessories. ...
  4. Combine colors accurately. ...
  5. Wear clothes that suit your shape or style. ...
  6. Maintain good hygiene. ...
  7. Walk confidently.
Aug 6, 2022


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