12 Best Tennessee ATV Trails - Off-Roading Pro (2023)

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Tennessee is known for its scenic landscape, beautiful parks, and miles of trails, making it a perfect place for your next ATV adventure. There’s plenty to choose from, whether you’re a beginner or pro. So, where are the best Tennessee ATV trails?

Brimstone Recreation is a top destination for ATV riding. There are lots of exciting trails, friendly people, and great cabins. You can also head to Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail, which is another excellent spot. There are miles of rugged terrain with some challenging areas.

Our top 12 ATV Trails in Tennessee are as follows:

  1. Brimstone Recreation
  2. Windrock Trail Head
  3. Woolys Off Road Area
  4. Adventure Off Road Park
  5. Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail
  6. Doe Mountain Recreation Area
  7. North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area
  8. Prentice Cooper State Forest
  9. Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort And Campground
  10. Stinking Creek ATV Campground
  11. Wheelin’ In The Country
  12. Bell Ridge Retreat

Whether you are looking to ride your ATV in Tennessee’s private ATV parks, national forest OHV trails, or opt for guided ATV trail rides, The Volunteer State offers fun and adventure for the whole family.

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Let’s check out the best ATV trails in Tennessee.

12 Best Tennessee ATV Trails

12 Best Tennessee ATV Trails - Off-Roading Pro (1)

1. Brimstone Recreation

Brimstone Recreation is one of Tennessee’s ATV premier destinations. The off-road park offers more than 300 miles of trails through wooded and mountainous areas. The courses are marked, rated, and well-maintained. The terrain ranges from easy logging roads to steep hill climbs to rutted trails. There are few mud bogs and shallow stream crossings along the routes.

Before heading out to the park, visitors must first register at their office located off Huntsville’s Main Street. Trail permits, maps, riding gear, and other basic accessories are sold in the office. There are also ATV and UTV rentals that are available. A variety of accommodations are available, from primitive camping sites to cabin rentals to full RV hookups.

The park is open Sundays through Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm, and on Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm. A Land Use Permit is required to ride the trails. Only motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, UTV, and SXS, are permitted on the trails.

Check out thepark’s websitefor more information about fees, passes, and more.

2. Windrock Trail Head

Also called Coal Creek OHV Area or Windrock ATV Club, Windrock Trail Head offers more than 300 miles of trail in more than 73,000 acres of land. It is one of the top off-road destinations north of Oliver Springs, Tennessee.

The marked and rates trails are lightly maintained and range from easy gravel roads to wooded trails to the rockier, more challenging routes. There are trails available for all OHVs – ATVs, dirt bikes, mountain bikes, SxS, Jeeps, 4x4s, and buggies. UTV rentals are also available.

Campground amenities include furnished cabins, full-hookup RV sites and there are also designated tent sites. The park is open daily year-round. A Land Use Permit is required to ride the trails. For more information about fees and passes, check out the park’swebsite.

3. Woolys Off Road Area

Wooly’s Off-Road Area offers miles of trails that weave through wooded areas with steep hill climbs and some rocks, and small jumps. The park is open only during weekends and holidays. It’s a good idea to call before heading out. There is no need to secure a permit to ride the trails. Camping is allowed in developed sites only.

4. Adventure Off Road Park

Adventure Off Road Park also goes by Jackson Point, Goat Rock, Tate Cove Creek, Beene Cove, Fishtrap Point, Rogers Cove, and Ballard Point. The park sits on 500 acres of forested area with 120 miles of marked, lightly maintained, unrated trails for all vehicle types.

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The terrain varies from rugged and steep hills to mud pits to rock gardens to unique obstacle courses. There is also a well-maintained motocross track complete with jumps, tabletops, wide turns, and smooth, fast straightaways.

The park is open Friday through Sunday. Riding is allowed during weekdays by appointment. Make sure to call before heading out. Camping is allowed in developed sites only with plenty of space for tents and trailers. Basic toiletries, automotive parts, trail maps, and clothing are available at the park office.

There are RV hookups for a fee, but it’s on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure to call ahead for availability. Other park amenities include clean restrooms and shower facilities. Clickhereto know more about fees, permits, and other important information.

5. Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail

The Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail is in the Cherokee National Forest. It’s the only trail in the area that’s open to ATVs. The more than 13-mile linear trail (that is, one way in, one way out) has a small staging area for day use only. The mostly hard pack trail starts with a steep climb from the staging area, weaving through the woods following the Buffalo Mountain ridgeline.

ATVs on the trail can also pass the Pinnacle Mountain Fire Tower. The mostly shaded trail is marked but not rated and is lightly maintained. There are primarily rocks with some mud and dust, steep hills, and a few berms. Because of these features, the trail is not recommended for beginner riders.

The trail is open from March to January. No permit is required to ride. Only motorbikes, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, UTV, and SXS, are permitted on the trail. There are no camping facilities available on site.

For more information, contact theCherokee National Forest – Unaka Ranger District.

6. Doe Mountain Recreation Area

The 8,600-acre Doe Mountain Recreation Area offers more than 60 miles of multiple-use trails. The mostly hardpack trails are marked, rated, and lightly maintained. The trails weave through heavily forested areas with a few steep hills, water crossings, and berms.

A Doe Mountain Recreation Pass is required to ride the trails. Only motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, UTVs, and SXS, are permitted. Camping is prohibited in the area but is available at nearby R&D Campground with direct rail access.

For more info, check out theirwebsite.

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7. Prentice Cooper State Forest

Prentice Cooper State Forest offers 50 miles of marked, lightly maintained, but unrated ATV trails. The wide, mostly hard-packed trails offer riders incredible views of the Tennessee River. There are a few water crossings coupled with some steep hill climbs.

The trails are open from March 15 to December 19. During turkey nesting season, Tower Drive, Elder Point, Long Point, and Inman Point Trails are closed to OHVs from late April through early July. Since dates usually vary each year, you should call first before you haul. Motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, UTVs, SXS, SUVs, Jeeps, dune buggy, and sand rail (4×4) can use the trails. There is no need for riders to secure a permit.

There are two campgrounds in the State forest with direct trail access. Long trailers and RVs are better accommodated at the Hunters Check Station because there’s more turnaround room.

Contactthe Forest Supervisor of Prentice Cooper State Forest to learn more.

8. North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area

The North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area (NCWMA) offers more than 600 miles of the multi-use trail system. It’s open all day, and there are campsites available throughout the area. Riders must have a WMA permit or a North Cumberland Special Use Permit. They can be purchased online or from license agents.

Three trail systems interconnect – the New River Unit, the Royal Blue Unit, and The Sundquist Unit. Only one permit per rider is necessary to ride all three.

9. Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort And Campground

Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort and Campground is also known as Tacket Creek OHV, Cumberland Mountains, and Sundquist Unit. It’s a family-oriented ATV resort that offers more than 900 miles of trails. The most hard-packed trails are marked, rated, and heavily maintained. The trail weaves through heavily wooded areas and will take riders through scenic spots, including abandoned mines, large boulder formations, and a few waterfalls along the way. There are many water crossings, some steep hill climbs, and a few small jumps.

The trail is open every day throughout the year. A TWRA Riding Permit is required. Motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4-wheelers, UTV, SXS, SUVs, Jeeps, dune buggies, and 4×4 sandrails can use the trails.

The amenities of the resort include:

  • Rustic and furnished cabins
  • A recreation room
  • An outdoor volleyball court
  • 31 RV sites with full hookups
  • Plenty of space for tents

ATV and UTV rentals are also available. There’s a general store with grocery items, trail maps, ATV accessories, and riding permits. Camping and campfires can be done in developed sites only. Riders are required to wear blaze orange vests from November through January.

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Check out theresort’s websitefor more information regarding fees, passes, and other requirements.

10. Stinking Creek ATV Campground

The campground provides direct access to the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area with more than 900 multiple-use trails.

Stinking Creek ATV Campground offers various amenities for riders and their families. These include back-in and pull-through sites with full hookups, rental homes (2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms). Firewood and ice are available on site. They also offer a guided tour service.

Riders must secure a TWRA Permit to ride the North Cumberland WMA Trails. All types of OHVs are allowed on the trails. Check out theirwebsitefor more info.

11. Wheelin’ In The Country

Wheelin’ In the Country offers more than 10 miles of trails through more than 700 acres of forested areas. The numerous 4×4 courses have deep mud pits and ponds, ravines, and steep hill climbs.

Primitive camping facilities are available without any fee. RV hookups, however, are available for an additional cost. There are also cabins and bunkhouses for rent. Park amenities include restrooms, hot showers, a concession stand, and a repair shop.

The park is privately owned and is open for riding during specific weekends. Call before you haul. All types of OHVs except 3-wheelers can ride on the trails. No permit is necessary.

Contact Wheelin in the Country for more information regarding fees for riding, camping, etc.

12. Bell Ridge Retreat

The more than 700-acre Bell Ridge Retreat offers 10 miles of marked, unrated trails that are lightly maintained. The property is one of the newest campgrounds to recently open to the public. The mostly hard-packed trails weave through the beautiful Tennessee countryside treating ATV riders to incredible views of hills and mountains, waterfalls, and ponds. The trail system is open only to ATVs and UTVs. No permit is necessary, and camping is permitted in developed sites only.

The park’s spacious campground can accommodate over 50 RVs with full hookups, 30 sites for tents, and 12 cabins. Other park amenities include a bathhouse, laundromat, onsite store, and golf cart rentals.

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The trails are only open when conditions are dry, so it’s best to check the conditions before heading out.

Conclusion: 12 Best Tennessee ATV Trails

To summarize, our picks for the 12 best ATV trails in Tennessee are as follows:

  1. Brimstone Recreation
  2. Windrock Trail Head
  3. Woolys Off Road Area
  4. Adventure Off Road Park
  5. Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail
  6. Doe Mountain Recreation Area
  7. North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area
  8. Prentice Cooper State Forest
  9. Ride Royal Blue ATV Resort And Campground
  10. Stinking Creek ATV Campground
  11. Wheelin’ In The Country
  12. Bell Ridge Retreat

Riding your ATV through exciting Tennessee terrain is the ultimate adventure. Whether you’re looking for an easy level trail or adrenaline-pumping ATV trails in Tennessee, there’s no better way to tackle a weekend than by taking on Tennessee’s mud pits, dirt roads, and gullies.


12 Best Tennessee ATV Trails - Off-Roading Pro? ›

12 Best Tennessee ATV Trails
  • Brimstone Recreation.
  • Windrock Trail Head.
  • Woolys Off Road Area.
  • Adventure Off Road Park.
  • Buffalo Mountain ATV Trail.
  • Doe Mountain Recreation Area.
  • North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area.
  • Prentice Cooper State Forest.

How many miles of ATV trails are in Tennessee? ›

This 600 acre offroad park offers over 120 miles of marked and designated trails for all vehicle types. More...

Is there off roading in Tennessee? ›

Windrock Park: Open 365 days a year, Windrock Park is one of the most popular places to off-road in Tennessee, and with good reason. Offering a staggering 72,000 acres of land with 300 miles of trails, it's a place where you can lose yourself whether on a dirt bike or in a 4×4.

Can you ride at night at windrock? ›

You can ride at night. And there is No Alchol allowed on the trails. They have trail patrol and they enforce this.

Can you ride royal blue at night? ›

Outdoor recreation and natural beauty — get the best of both worlds at RideRoyalBlue.com ATV Guest Resort and Campground! And while you're here, enjoy the many highlights that will make your trip even better. Trail system open 24/7 and night riding allowed.

What is the most reliable ATV? ›

According to the consumer votes on ATV.com, Honda is the most reliable ATV brand. The second place in the votes is Yamaha.

Whats the biggest ATV park in the United States? ›

Paiute ATV Trail, Utah

Located in south-central Utah, the Paiute ATV trail system is the largest of its kind in America and regularly ranks first among the top 5 ATV trails in the country.

Can you ride ATV in Cherokee National Forest? ›

Both ATVs and UTVs are allowed plenty of access on U.S. Forest Service roads, as they are considered Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV). Access typically depends on the width of your OHV, as vehicles wider than 50 inches are classified separately. Motor Vehicle Use Maps provide more information about access.

Does Tennessee have dirt roads? ›

The Tennessee Dirt Devil features over 200 miles of overlooks, bluffs, waterfalls, creek crossings, and beautiful rolling hills as well as a riding area that is estimated to be 75% old country dirt roads and 25% paved ones.

What is Overlanding camping? ›

Overland Camping, also known as Overlanding, essentially combines both off-roading and camping into one. It focuses on self-sufficient travel over rugged, remote terrain in search of new or pre-existing destinations with exploration and discovery as the primary goal.

Where is the Georgia traverse? ›

The trail is designed to be traveled east to west, beginning at Burrells Ford Road along the Georgia / South Carolina border, and visiting North Carolina and Tennessee before ending at the Georgia / Alabama border.

Is Norris Watershed open? ›

Happy Trails! The Norris Municipal Watershed is a 2300-acre land tract located in Anderson County, adjacent to the City of Norris and is open to the public for multiple uses.
Longmire Trail0.8Multiple Use - Non Vehicular
28 more rows

Can you drink at windrock? ›

Firing of weapons is strictly prohibited. NO TARGET PRACTICE! Be considerate of others using the trails and report any unauthorized or illegal behavior observed. No alcohol, fireworks or open fires on the trail system.

Are helmets required at windrock? ›

Land use permits are per person. Please remember that anyone under the age of 18 is required to wear a helmet to ride on Windrock Park's Trail-System.

How much is it to ride at windrock? ›

This permit is your trail access! Each person must have one.
Windrock Park Land Use Permits.
Permit Costs*
Daily Permit$27.33$12.76
Two Day Permit$43.74$20.05
Three Day Permit$56.49$27.33
Four Day Permit$65.60$31.89
3 more rows

Can you ride ATVS on the road in Tennessee? ›

Only roads marked for other vehicle use may be used by ATV riders, except where prohibited by other regulations. Riders should stay on designated roads and trails and not venture off road into fields, woods, or otherwise prohibited areas. Safe riding is required and all minors are required to wear a helmet.

Can you ride ATVS in the Smoky Mountains? ›

ATV Rides in the Smokies offer hours of thrilling trail rides in the Smoky Mountains. You can rent an ATV in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge or Townsend. There are a number of trails where ATV's are permitted. One of the favorite trails is the Cades Cove Loop Road in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Are there UTV trails in the Smoky Mountains? ›

From the beautiful scenery to the local wildlife, fresh air to the thrill that only an UTV can provide, you'll experience it all in the Great Smoky Mountains! These self guided excursions take you through the backcountry of the most visited National Park from USA giving you unforgettable moments.

Where is Tackett Creek ATV trails? ›

The trailhead is located behind Pudges Flea Market. Just turn north and follow the dirt road behind the store for about a half mile.
Contact InfoMountain View Campground 6683 Highway 63 Speedwell, TN 37870 (423) 441-2216 mountainviewcampgr.wixsite.com
CommentCampground with direct trail access.
Nov 27, 2021

Do 4 wheelers have titles in TN? ›

In Tennessee, you must obtain a certificate of title for your ATV or UTV. Using your certificate of title, you must then obtain a special identification plate verifying that you possess a certificate of title. This plate is to be affixed to your ATV or UTV.

Do you have to register a 4 wheeler in TN? ›

As an ATV owner in Tennessee, you aren't required to register your vehicle or apply for a special license to drive it. Nonetheless, you must attach a special identification plate or sticker to your vehicle that shows that you were issued a certificate of title for it.

What is the top speed of the axis 500? ›

Axis 500cc 4×4 UTV Speed
  • The Axis 500 Utv has a top speed of 40 mph, which is one of the fastest in the segment. ...
  • One of the reasons it packs such a punch is because it's a superb utility vehicle.


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