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123 S. Front Street Memphis TN 38002

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(800) 288-6966

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I work at VA hosp. I will put up notice of wrong doing on their board not to shop at their stores.

-by Melvin Frakes

Don't make promises you don't intend to keep

Don't say you'll alow a car show at your store and then at the last min cancel! Very poor professionalism.

-by Jon wayne

Wow Never Mind

I didn't realize how many horrible stories Auto Zone had now I know for sure nothing will get done with this type of people they hire for customer service when they have no clue in helping the customer, they forget we are there to buy and pay for parts when we could go to any other place.


legal dept

Trying to get through to someone is virtually impossible-6 tries & I'm still on hold! Seems that no one really knows where to direct people and then I got a fax number, then I got voicemail that has not been set up and then I got disconnected. grrrrrr

-by sue


How to sign-up become vendor for auto-zone.

-by David DeRouen Sr


Autozone in Hazleton distribution center at 402 stony creek rd. is absolutly unprofessional.They do not know how to work

-by oxana karichina

Rude store #314

They were extremely rude. I will never go back to store 314! Had to go to o'reillys just for a battery. I'll pay more for service any day!!

-by Susan


trash sevice and unaware and uneducated manager about servicesin store 4524

-by steve

customer service

This company is the BEST! I was put off and put off at Pep Boys,Left and drove down the street to Auto Zone. This is the second time I have been to this store, and I will never go to Pep Boys again. Even if it is closer to my home!! Excellent customer service!!!!!!

-by maria


This company is horrible. I went to go and get breaks for my truck. I told them which parts I wanted. they said that the parts they gave me would work even though I showed them a picture of the brakes I wanted guaranteed that the break are the same. Well anyway in other word they ruined my rotors and now I have to go in the store to make a complaint and make a file to what they did to my truck. Oh by the way this happened in Horseheads, NY. I will never go to them again. Their service sucks, they are not knowledgeable and policies are ridiculous. if I could rate them I would rate them a negative 10. I am so PISSED. and don't try to get anywhere with corporate either. They are stupid. I informed them they will fix my truck and pay for the labor of a garage that I will be taking my truck too.

-by Jessica

J/O store manager Sylva 4626

The Manager left two new guys alone neither could do a return.Basically they stole $32.00 from me went back when the Manager was working so he could fix it after 12 days of waiting he handed me a slip of paper and said wait another 3-4 days and check your account.He ended up throwing my daughter and I out of the store after I confronted him about his horrible customer service. He never said I am sorry about this or sorry for the inconvenience. Of course he couldn't form whole sentences anyways- Moron Oh please let me come back so you can steal from me again Lurch.....

-by Rick


The manager at the Port Orange, Fl. location, was wonderful to my granddaughter and I when we went in for help. He came out to the car saw what we needed and explained why and helped us with installations. He was very patient and did an excellent job for us. I would definitley go back to this store.

-by Linda Hannigan

No help

Need people in you store who can help customer not just say I DON'T KNOW. This is why we have to go to other part stores.

-by Kenny Edmonds

Poor service

We ordered some brake parts a while ago now. They only shipped part of the order. I keep calling them. They are giving me the run around. The store cannot give me any information on what's going on and there are items missing from the order that they even have in there computer. I am so frustrated with this company. I spent over 200$ in parts and at this point it doesn't look like we will get those parts...

-by Patrick

stollen property

bought a battery form autozone had it charged went to pick it up it was gone they wouldnt give me another one or anything said i had to purchase a new one i already bought one why should i have to buy another one

-by jody e barry jr

bad, bad, bad

My son works for Autozone in Georgia and we are having some really terrible winter weather at the moment. The regional manager of the store where he works is making him stay in a motel close to the store to ensure he gets to work. Why? Icy roads, snowing and freezing temperatures, I doubt anyone is going to need parts. My son has to stay away from home and family for his job? I don't think this regional manager cares about employees, just cares about his store doing business. What this tells me about Autozone is they don't care about their employees. Called corporate headquarters and they were very rude to me and didn't want to talk about it. Advising my son to speak with a labor lawyer.

-by concerned

We went to the store in miami gardens area and we had purchased a power steering pump and wanted to return the used part to get 75 dollar credit that was promised at the time of purchase the manager in the store said she does not have 75 dollars in her register................not only do you autozone have horrible ratings by your own customers but your a bunch of crooks that hire crooks...........i will never buy anything from you no matter how far i have to drive

-by Maytte

horrible service

I sent a friend to your store in Hazlet nj, # 1124 and the store manager wouldn't wait on him, and was very rude. last time I will recommend that store.

-by alan lefave

Poor service from employes

One of the employes from your store in pico Rivera on whittier I went in for a tail light bulb and a heater hose and left with a broken heater core and was something so easy to fix but in the end I ended up losing

-by Melody

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