New York City Movie Theaters: A Complete Guide (2023)

With movie theaters across New York City open again after the pandemic, it’s time to go to the movies and enjoy all the latest new movie releases out now in theatres!

In a city as big and bountiful as New York City, there are so many local movie theaters near you to choose from that it can be hard to know where to start. Just searching “movie theaters near me” is overwhelming AF––what’s the difference between one theater and another? Is it worth the trek across town to go to one local movie theater with reclining seats versus the one around the corner? Do I want to ball out and get drinks served at my seat, or keep it chill at an independent movie theater with drinks and unique food offerings? With over 200 movie theatres within the New York City area, it’s no wonder you don’t know where to start!

Don’t worry, we’re here to help make your decision easier. We’ve narrowed it down to 10 of our favorite local movie theaters in New York City to help you make the most of your New York City movie theater experience.

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Grab some movie theater popcorn and get comfy as we dive into our New York City movie theater guide!

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New York City Movie Theaters: AMC Empire 25

Right down the block, the AMC Empire 25 is one of many AMC movie theaters located in and around New York City. This particular location is located right in the heart of Times Square––a movie-loving tourist’s dream (but again, another local favorite, too)!

One reviewer on Google remarked how the exterior has a “nice old rustic look to it,” but don’t let the outside fool you. This AMC movie theater location features reserved seating, IMAX, and Dolby Cinema auditoriums with cozy recliners throughout. Another Google reviewer mentioned how this New York City movie theater has a “very updated and modern aura inside.” As far as movie selection, one reviewer’s opinion is that this location has the “best selection of feature films in Manhattan.”

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AMC Empire 25

234 West 42nd Street

New York, New York 10036

New York City Movie Theaters: Regal E-Walk 4DX & RPX

The Regal E-Walk 4DX & RPX is located right in Times Square on 42nd street––it doesn’t get more magical than this! After reading through reviews, it’s clear that for some New Yorkers, it’s worth heading into this high-traffic tourist area just for this movie theater experience.

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This isn’t your average Regal theater location. Many Hollywood movie premieres have taken place at this theater over the years. There’s something so magical about the concessions area––it’s just such a classic movie theatre feel and the perfect place to snap a selfie before you head into the cinema.

Outside each auditorium,you’ll find funky art and designs that set the scene for your movie-watching experience. The luxe seats are comfy and sleek, and they even have trays for all of your favorite movie theater snacks and soft drinks.

One Google reviewer said it’s a “great, old theatre, tons of excitement and energy.”

Regal E-Walk 4DX & RPX

247 West 42nd Street

New York, New York 10036

New York City Movie Theaters: AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13

If you’re a sucker for a good IMAX screen, look no further than the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13, another AMC movie theater in New York City.

Is it just me, or does this escalator make it feel like you’re about to go on a theme park ride?!

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This AMC location has the biggest IMAX screen in the entire city and there are hundreds of reviews on Google that mention how great it is. “Everything about it is impressive,” one reviewer said. “The height, the sound and the new laser projection system for a sharper image with more contrast. One of the few theaters left that has a 70mm film projector as well.”

AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13

1998 Broadway

New York, NY 10023

New York City Movie Theaters: NYC Rooftop Cinema Club

Rooftop Cinema Club is on a mission to “transform nights at the movies to cinematic events like no other.” With locations across the country, including in Tampa, Los Angeles, Dallas, San Diego, and more, each Rooftop Cinema Club has a beautiful skyline view. Every guest gets a pair of wireless headphones and their very own adjustable deck chair with pillows and plenty of legroom.

Rooftop Cinema Club screens everything from cult classics to new movie releases. Each location, including the New York City outdoor movie theater location, has a full food menu and bar with cocktails, beer, and wine. If you prefer old-school movie theater snacks, they have them too. The box office is stocked with classic movie snacks, candy, and popcorn. Oh, did we mention that the popcorn is bottomless?!

If you come early, you can play games like Jenga, Connect Four, and more. Some special events have themed decor, photo opps, and interactive games.

This place seriously takes movie-watching to the next level!

The NYC Rooftop Cinema Club is located on the roof of the Skylawn Embassy Suites.

NYC Rooftop Cinema Club

Skylawn Embassy Suites

60 West 37th Street

New York, NY 10018

As of May 2021, their New York City location’s season opening is delayed until further notice. Sign up for updates on Rooftop Cinema Club’s New York City location here.

New York City Movie Theaters: Angelika Film Center New York

Originally opened in New York City’s Soho district in 1989, theAngelika Film Center is known for its impressive range of independent movies and is often considered the cinema of choice for cinephiles and filmmakers.

The Angelika Cafe offers gourmet foods, pastries, beverages, and craft beer and wine. If you don’t have time to watch a whole movie, the cafe itself is open to the public if you want movie vibes for a drink and a bite. Of course, they have classic movie theatre concessions too, including fresh-popped popcorn, movie theater candies, and nachos. One reviewer on Google said, “I think all movie theater popcorn is great, but the popcorn here actually is a little bit better.”

One con: there’s no stadium seating, but the movie curation and unique experience make it worth it. Another reviewer described it as “a NY gem!”

Angelika Film Center New York

18 West Houston Street

New York, NY 10012

New York City Movie Theaters: Film Forum

If you’re looking for an independent New York City movie theater, this one’s for you.

This self-described ‘alternative cinema’ was first opened in 1970. It had just 50 folding chairs, one projector, and a teeny tiny budget. In 1975, Film Forum moved to the Vandam Theater downtown where it stayed until 1980. They then built a new movie theater on Watts Street that remained open until 1989. In 1990, they built the Houston Street cinema that still stands today, although it was renovated and expanded in 2018 to include upgraded seating, more legroom, and a new 4th screen.

Still with us? Good. The small movie theater includes theatrical premieres of independent and foreign art films, local festivals, and extended runs of popular selections.

With nearly 500 seats, Film Forum is open daily. It’s the only autonomous non-profit movie theater in New York City, and one of a few in the entire country. You can support this independent movie theater by becoming a member, where you get reduced pricing on movie tickets and other special members-only perks like events and merch discounts.

“As a cinema of ideas, Film Forum is committed to presenting an international array of films that treat diverse social, political, historical and cultural realities,” Film Forum says on their site.

Film Forum

209 West Houston St

New York, NY 10014

New York City Movie Theaters: IPIC Theaters Fulton Market

For a totally Hollywood-level, upscale vibe that makes you feel like a Hollywood celeb at your own movie premiere, IPIC Theaters Fulton Market is for you.

This upscale movie theater chain is known for its hospitality and lush vibes. Located in the Seaport district just a few blocks from the East River, this New York City movie theater has the comfiest looking seats we’ve ever seen!

Each Premium Plus ticket gets you your very own specially designed POD (they were doing pods before the pandemic made them a thing). Complete with a swivel table, seats that recline almost horizontally, a pillow, and a fuzzy blanket, these Premium POD seats are seriously a moviegoer’s dream. Oh, and they provide unlimited movie theater popcorn!

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Dine in the dark by ordering straight from your seat; simply press a button and a “ninja server” will head your way. Their menu includes a “Guiltless Pleasures” section with keto-friendly cocktails, appetizers, and desserts. Don’t worry, they have all the classic movie theater concessions, too at the grab-and-go express counter.

Their Standard Seats are anything but standard, with large, comfy leather lounge chairs that have a small table. You can also get Chaise Lounges in the front row only which fully recline so you can literally lie down in the movie theater.

IPIC Theaters Fulton Market

11 Fulton St

New York, NY 10038

New York City Movie Theaters: Cinépolis Chelsea

“This is the place for you if you want to relax,” one Google reviewer says about the Cinépolis Chelsea movie theater in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.

If you like movie theaters with reclining seats and drinks and food brought straight to you like the VIP celebrity you are in your mind, then Cinépolis Chelsea is for you.

Cinépolis Chelsea is considered a luxury movie theater with recently upgraded reclining seats, gourmet hot foods like made-to-order Angus burgers, truffle fries, and hummus plates, along with classic movie theater concessions like popcorn and candy. They even have bottomless popcorn and soda at all locations!

In addition to showing the hottest new movie releases, Cinépolis Chelsea is known for offering showtimes of handpicked $5(!!) movies ranging from Casablanca to ‘80s favorite The Breakfast Club.

Cinépolis Chelsea

260 W 23rd St

New York, NY 10011

New York City Movie Theaters: Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown Brooklyn

Head across the Brooklyn Bridge to enjoy a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Downtown Brooklyn.

Opened in 2016, this Alamo Drafthouse location features 7 auditoriums with reserved seating. With a full bar, you can get food and drink delivered right to your seat. If you decide to order an appetizer, entree, and dessert, you will be served in courses. The attached lounge, House of Wax, features a mini-museum of vintage wax figures, a dining area, and a menu with specially curated cocktails and local craft beers.

Over the years, they have hosted all sorts of events with Hollywood celebs, and many moviegoers come dressed up for big premieres like IT, Black Panther, and Phantom Thread.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Downtown Brooklyn

445 Albee Square W 4th floor

Brooklyn, NY 11201

New York City Movie Theaters: Nitehawk Cinema

Another great Brooklyn option is the classic Nitehawk Cinema with a location in Prospect Park and Williamsburg.

Although it opened in 2018, the Prospect Park location’s building is rich with history. 188 Prospect Park West is considered one of the oldest New York buildings that has continuously housed a movie theater. It originally opened nearly 100 years ago in 1928 as The Sanders Theatre with a single screen and over 1,500 seats. It was closed and unoccupied from 1978 until 1996 when the Pavilion Theatre was renovated and reopened with three screens and a cafe. In 2012, it was included in the Park Slope Historic District Extension by the Landmark Preservation Commission.

Since 2018, Nitehawk has strived “to enhance the cinematic experience with a creative framework by providing a specialty menu with fresh, local ingredients inspired by the films we love” including projections of rare 35mm films and special guest Q&As. They offer full-service food with specials inspired by Hollywood blockbusters, hand-crafted cocktails, and locally sourced brews, too.

Here’s a throwback showing how they make food and drink specials inspired by movies like Joker:

Nitehawk Cinema: Prospect Park

188 Prospect Park West

Brooklyn, NY

Nitehawk Cinema: Williamsburg

136 Metropolitan Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11249

We hope this rundown of some of our favorite New York City movie theaters inspires you to go out and see all of the latest new movies out now in theaters.

View all of our local movie theater guides here.

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