The Famous Residents of Chelsea Past & Present | Sloane Stanley (2023)

With high profile names in industries across the board, Chelsea has formed a luxurious and high-class community, hosting some of the most affluent properties in the city. Enjoying the wonders of Chelsea’s exemplary amenities has almost become somewhat of an elite opportunity, thanks to the stars that reside in the borough.

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Here at Sloane Stanley, we have created a star-studded list of famous residents past and present.

Homes of the rich and famous

Mick Jagger

The talented Rolling Stones frontman once lived on Cheyne Walk in 1968, bringing his and former girlfriend’s party lifestyle to Chelsea with class. He settled in at Number 48, for only £50,000 at the time.

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Elton John

Another music phenomenon purchased a property in Chelsea and Kensington, which became one of Elton John’s four homes across the world. This quiet property can be found in Holland Park and is one of the most established homes on this famous street.

Oscar Wilde

In Chelsea’s ‘’Intellectual Quarter’’, famous writer Oscar Wilde once lived in Burton Court – now home to the Saatchi Gallery and other cultural facilities. Oscar Wilde lived at 34 Tite Street, Chelsea with his wife and two sons Cyril and Vyvyan.

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Stella McCartney

As the daughter of Beatles icon Paul McCartney, Stella McCartney made a name for herself when she created her successful international brand of women’s designer clothes. In the early 2000s, arguably the most stylish era of our time, Stella McCartney’s Kensingstoke home is just as fashionable as her clothing reputation.

Sir Richard Branson

As the owner of the world-renowned Virgin Media Group, Richard Branson is known to spend time in his Kensington home between visits to his luxurious private island in the Caribbean. No matter what the glorious holiday destination has to offer, London is considered home to Richard.

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The Beckhams

With several spectacular properties under their belts, the Beckhams own their version of Kensington Palace – a four-storey townhouse situated in the fabulous Holland Park. The breathtaking property holds elegance from the very first step onto the front porch.

Live the Chelsea dream

The borough exudes excitement and splendour, with a famous face occupying every corner. The most wealthy and extraordinary people enjoy the likes of South West London, and with the notorious Harrods, cultural galleries and delicious eateries proving the excitement, who wouldn’t want to live through the wonders of Chelsea?

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Sloane Stanley has several delectable properties available for rent in Chelsea. Get in touch today to find out more about how you can get a taste of a more premium London life.


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