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Alabama begins its fall camp on Thursday as it will hold the first of 20 practices leading up to its season opener against Utah State on Sept. 3 inside Bryant-Denny Stadium.

The Crimson Tide returns plenty of talent, including arguably the nation’s best players on both sides of the ball in quarterback Bryce Young and edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. Alabama also reloaded its roster this offseason, bringing in five college transfers in addition to signing the nation’s No. 2 recruiting class.

Over the next month, we’ll learn more about how the reshaped roster fills out on the field. Until then, Tide Illustrated will take a look at how Alabama could line up this season. Today we’ll start with the offense.

TideIllustrated - Projecting Alabama's offensive depth chart heading into fall camp (1)


Bryce Young, Jr.

Jalen Milroe, R-Fr.

Ty Simpson, Fr.

Outlook: For the first time since 2017, the reigning Heisman Trophy winner is returning to school. Young set Alabama single-season records in passing yards (4,872) and passing touchdowns (47) while becoming the program’s first Heisman-winning quarterback last season. Now the junior will look to provide an encore performance in what is likely his final season before moving on to the NFL.

Former Ohio State running back Archie Griffin is the only player to win multiple Heisman Trophies, earning the award in both the 1974 and 1975 seasons. The last Heisman winner to attempt to defend his crown was former Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson, who took home the hardware in 2016 before finishing third in the voting the following year.

Young should have the supporting cast on offense to replicate his production from last year. The key will be keeping him healthy. While Alabama has a pair of talented passers waiting in the wings, Jalen Milroe and Ty Simpson offer very little in terms of experience if Young were to go down to injury.

Milroe is currently the next man up in such a situation. The dual-threat playmaker appeared in four games during his debut season last year, completing just 3 of 7 passes for 41 yards while adding 57 more yards on the ground. However, he appeared to make significant strides this spring.

Simpson, the No. 3 pro-style quarterback in this year’s class, offers plenty of promise at the position moving forward. While the true freshman will likely start the fall as Alabama’s third-string option, he has the talent to fight Milroe for the backup role.

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Jahmyr Gibbs, Jr.

Jase McClellan, Jr.

Trey Sanders, R-Jr./Roydell Williams, Jr.

Jamarion Miller, Fr./Emmanuel Henderson, Fr.

Outlook: Unlike recent years when Brian Robinson Jr. and Najee Harris received the bulk of the carries, Alabama doesn’t figure to have a true bell-cow back this season. Instead, the Crimson Tide will likely take advantage of its depth and spread the ball around in a backfield that features six members who were all top-100 recruits in their respective classes.

Georgia Tech transfer Jahmyr Gibbs is perhaps Alabama’s most exciting option. The 5-foot-11, 200-pound speedster has been compared to five-time Pro Bowler Alvin Kamara and brings a different element to what the Crimson Tide is typically used to in its star back. In addition to his ability to break big gains on the ground, Gibbs is also a lethal pass-catcher out of the backfield. According to Pro Football Focus, he ranked second among the nation’s running backs with a 91.5 receiving grade last season.

Outside of Gibbs, Alabama's options offer a bit less certainty. Jase McClellan and Roydell Williams are both returning from season-ending injuries last year while Trey Sanders continues to regain his strength after a pair of serious injury setbacks of his own early in his career. Still, that trio has more than enough talent to provide support.

Gibbs averaged roughly 13 carries per game during his two seasons at Georgia Tech. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him get a similar workload at Alabama while McClellan, Sanders and Williams average somewhere around 5-8 attempts per game.


Jermaine Burton, Jr.

Traeshon Holden, Jr.

Shazz Preston, Fr.

Isaiah Bond, Fr.


Tyler Harrell, Jr.

(Video) Expectations heading into Alabama's first scrimmage of fall camp

Aaron Anderson, Fr.

Thaiu Jones-Bell, Jr.

Kobe Prentice, Fr.

WR Slot

Ja’Corey Brooks, So.

JoJo Earle, So.

Christian Leary, So.

Kendrick Law, Fr.

Outlook: Alabama loses its top three wide receivers from last year in Jameson Williams, John Metchie III and Slade Bolden. That trio recorded a combined 217 receptions for 3,122 yards and 26 touchdowns last season. Still, the Crimson Tide shouldn’t have much to worry about when it comes to providing Young with capable targets.

Georgia transfer Jermaine Burton developed a nice chemistry with Young this spring and figures to be the No. 1 option. Meanwhile, Louisville transfer Tyler Harrell offers the track-star speed Alabama is losing in Williams and will help open up the offense by taking the top off of opposing defenses.

Ja’Corey Brooks should be back at 100 percent after sitting out the spring with an injury. The sophomore appeared to be hitting his stride toward the end of his debut season last year, recording 13 receptions for 171 yards and a pair of touchdowns over the final four games.

Traeshon Holden is often overlooked, but the 6-foot-3, 214-pound receiver brings a nice combination of size and athleticism to the unit and could see an expanded role this year. JoJo Earle is also an intriguing option out of the slot as the shifty playmaker flashed his elusiveness during his freshman season last year.

Alabama brings in five freshmen who all possess elite speed. Of that group, Aaron Anderson appears to be the most poised to earn early playing time. The New Orleans native shined during the spring, earning praise from Nick Saban for his big-play ability.


Cameron Latu, R-Sr.

Miles Kitselman, So.

(Video) Alabama Football: Fall Camp Standouts

Robbie Outz, So.

Amari Niblack, Fr./Danny Lewis Jr., Fr./Elijah Brown, Fr.

Outlook: Cameron Latu returns as the undisputed leader of the unit after recording 26 receptions for 410 yards and eight touchdowns last season. Unfortunately for Alabama, Robbie Ouzts’ one reception for 8 yards is the only other returning production in the position group.

Alabama worked on adding depth this offseason, bringing in JUCO transfer Miles Kitselman as well as three true freshmen in Amari Niblack, Danny Lewis Jr. and Elijah Brown.

Saban generally doesn’t add JUCO players unless they are projected to make an instant impact. Kitselman, 6-foot-5, 250 pounds, could certainly do that given his size and blocking ability.

“I like the way he moves,” Latu told BamaCentral this summer. “He’s a really quick learner. I can see him being a really good player for us.”

Niblack, 6-foot-4, 225 pounds, is also an intriguing option as his pass-catching ability could help make up for the loss of Jahleel Billingsley, who transferred to Texas this offseason.

“He’s got to put on a couple of pounds, but he definitely moves really well in his route running,” Latu said. “We’re going to get some muscle on him. He’s going to be great once we do. He moves really well, can catch really well. I think he’s going to be a really good player.”


Tyler Steen, R-Sr.

Amari Kight, R-Jr.

Tommy Brockermeyer, R-Fr.


Javion Cohen, Jr.

Jaeden Roberts, R-Fr.

Tanner Bowles, R-Jr./Tyler Booker, Fr.

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Darrian Dalcourt, Sr.

Seth McLaughlin, R-So.

James Brockermeyer, R-Fr.


Emil Ekiyor Jr., R-Sr.

Damieon George Jr., Jr.

Terrence Ferguson II, R-Fr.


J.C. Latham, So.

Kendall Randolph, Gr.

Elijah Pritchett, Fr.

Outlook: Saban referred to Alabama’s “significant challenges” on the offensive line during SEC Media Days last month. Those issues were definitely on display this spring as the first-team defense registered 10 sacks against the first-team offense during the A-Day scrimmage.

Things should be a bit better for Alabama heading into the fall as returning starters Emil Ekiyor Jr. and Darrian Dalcourt will be back to full health. The Crimson Tide also brought in Vanderbilt transfer Tyler Steen, who has started a combined 33 games at both tackle positions for Vanderbilt over the past three seasons.

Alabama’s two guard positions appear to be set in stone with Ekiyor and Javion Cohen returning. Following a strong spring, sophomore J.C. Latham also looks like a good bet to take over the right tackle position.

The biggest battle in the unit figures to come at the center position, where Dalcourt and Seth McLaughlin will dual it out this fall. Another intriguing competition could be at left tackle where Steen will be pushed by redshirt junior Amari Kight.

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Crimson Tide Story

The game was played in a sea of crimson mud and the Alabama players' white uniforms were stained crimson. As a sports editor for the Birmingham Age-Herald, Hugh Roberts, left the field, he described Alabama as a Crimson Tide. Sports writers then popularized the name and it's stuck ever since.

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Alabama Crimson Tide football

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Prior to the adoption of the nickname of "Crimson Tide," newspaper accounts from the early 1900s called Alabama simply the "Alabama football team," "Crimson," "Crimson and White," or "the Alabama football eleven," with "eleven" being a common refrain a century ago in reference to the number of players on the field for ...

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1Central (Phenix City)39.9
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It's supposed to represent a hearing aid, and it means that Hearing Aid Compatibility is enabled. It should go away if you go into the call settings and disable the hearing aid option.

Did Jalen Milroe redshirt? ›

Earned valuable reps in year one before redshirting ... returned for his second season and serves as the Crimson Tide's backup quarterback ... an athletic signal-caller who is a threat to pass or run ...

Was Jalen Hurts a 5 star recruit? ›

Hurts was rated as a four-star recruit and was ranked among the top dual-threat quarterbacks in the Class of 2016.

Is Jalen Jelks on an NFL team? ›

Jalen Jelks (born August 3, 1996) is an American football defensive end who is currently a free agent. He played college football at Oregon.
Jalen Jelks.
Personal information
NFL Draft:2019 / Round: 7 / Pick: 241
Career history
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How fast is Jojo Earle? ›

Two-sport athlete who runs track. Good PR of 11.16 100 in spring of sophomore year.

Why did Graham Harrell not get drafted? ›

The answer is simple: he was over-analyzed by the self-proclaimed scientists known as NFL scouts.

Who is Tyler Harrell? ›

Tyler Harrell, a transfer from Louisville, arrived in the summer as an elite speedster. He averaged 29.1 yards per catch and eight touchdowns in 2021 for the Cardinals. As a South Florida native, Harrell is an explosive playmaker but suffered a foot injury before arriving in Tuscaloosa.

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