Top 10 upcoming PC games exclusives not coming to consoles (2023)

The recent Steam Next Fest reminded us that there are a lot of great games on PC that you may not find on consoles anytime soon, so we’re giving these games a highlight during this month’s version of our Top 10 upcoming PC games exclusives not coming to consoles for this month. Here are just some of the great games you can enjoy on PC that you won’t find anywhere else.

We hope that you find some games here that you’ll be interested in. If these games are right up your alley, make sure to wishlist them to help the developers get more attention and be able to more easily secure funding for future projects. While not all of the games we’re featuring this month are indies, rewarding amazing developers with some recognition will still go a long way.

Release Date: Q4 2022
Developed by: THING TRUNK
Published by: THING TRUNK

Book of Demons: HELLCARD is a cooperative roguelike deckbuilder with Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes. This game approaches roguelike dungeon-diving RPGs in a unique way. With its charming papercraft design, having cards to represent your movements is a flavorful way to do things. You get to pick a class and build your deck around your abilities and preferred playstyle, fight against demons in a series of dungeons, and recruit more allies if you don’t have any friends to play with.

9. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide
Release Date: November 30, 2022
Developed by: Fatshark
Publisher: Fatshark

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is an upcoming co-op first-person shooter game that is going to be exclusive to PCs for a short while, before the game gets also shipped to the Xbox Series X as well sometime later. The game is played like Warhammer: Vermintide but in the 40,000 Universe, with bigger guns, and fewer rats but more Chaos spawnlings. The game will follow a live service model that will use a meta narrative to develop the game’s story and gameplay using story tropes and plot devices to explain the game mechanics. Players will be able to choose their class between the Veteran, Zealot, Ogryn, and Psyker, with all classes making use of a regenerating shield. Unlike Vermintide, though, the game will have multiple missions take place in the same area, with the players taking on optional quests for better-quality loot.

8. The Outlast Trials
Release Date: TBA
Developed By: Red Barrels
Published By: Red Barrels

The Outlast Trials finally got an October 2022 release date. Set in the Cold War, The Outlast Trials is a first-person psychological horror survival video game prequel to Outlast 1 and 2. It was supposed to be released as a sort of DLC or expansion for Outlast 2, but was made into its own game instead. Described as a “TV series” by Red Barrels, we could expect the game to have some sort of episodic release or story structure, similar to the original Alan Wake and Life is Strange. In this game, you play as one of the test subjects of the Murkoff Corporation in a mysterious Cold War experiment. Would you be able to survive and make it out alive?

7. Highwater
Release Date: December 2022
Developed by: Demagog Studio
Published by: Rogue Games, Inc.

Revealed during the Summer Game Fest, Highwater is a cautionary tale of what Earth will look like in the future when nature has taken its course and climate change has devastated the planet. However, it also gives a glimpse of hope, as you will have the chance to survive Earth’s demise if you manage to escape the planet and head to Mars. Guide Nikos and friends through the flooded world of Highwater and beyond in this turn-based strategy adventure game, where they’ll have to fight for their chance to escape.

6. Sons of the Forest
Release Date: February 2023
Developed By: Endnight Games Ltd
Published By: Newnight

This one is among the ones in our Top 10 upcoming PC games list that is most recently revealed. This is a follow-up game of the popular survival horror game The Forest. Sons of the Forest is set to one-up the previous game in everything: scarier monsters, better crafting options, better fighting controls, better environments, and even better graphics. With an original release date of May 20, 2022, the game’s release was moved back to October, then now slated for a February 2023.

5. Company of Heroes 3
Release Date: November 17, 2022
Developed By: Relic Entertainment
Published By: SEGA

Relic Entertainment is really looking to bring back the former glory of the RTS genre. With this year’sAge of Empires 4, what we’re getting next is Company of Heroes 3. While not as seminal asAge of Empires,Company of Heroeswas still one of the best RTS series from the golden years of the RTS genre. Even today, many players compete in multiplayer of Company of Heroes 2, showing just how good the game is and how much longevity it has. The next in the series will surely bring players back in and we’re excited to see how Relic Entertainment will innovate in this series in its next iteration – one of which is the tactical pause system, a new in the series.

Two campaigns are confirmed so far: a massive Italian campaign which includes a big turn-based campaign map, as well as a North African campaign, which introduces the Deutsche Afrika Korps.

4. Homeworld 3
Release Date: First Half of 2023
Developed By: Blackbird Interactive
Published By: Gearbox Publishing

After three years in development, the rebirth of the Homeworld space RTS franchise is finally coming. With Gearbox at its head, Homeworld 3 has so much more potential than it ever had before. We’re excited to see how this space RTS will turn out. If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re really big on RTS games here, and this is one of the upcoming PC games we’re really looking forward to. However, Blackbird Entertainment revealed during the Summer Game Fest that Homeworld 3 has been delayed to mid-2023. That’s still a long wait for now, but better late than ugly.

3. Trepang²
Release Date: TBA 2022
Developed By: Trepang Studios
Published By: Team17 Digital


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Trepang² or Trepang 2 is an upcoming gun-fu shooter from debuting Trepang Studios. The game is amazing, and not just as “amazing for a first-timer,” but amazing all throughout with no regard to the game’s creators. The fully-fledged first-person action shooter is brutal, gory, and deeply visceral. With an amazing sound design that lets you hear everything that’s happening around you and a sleek and responsive control scheme that gives you full control of the action, Trepang² lets players unleash all hell on enemies, dodge bullets, and leave a trail of destruction in this hardcore, frenetic shooter set in the distant future. Want to try your hand on the carnage? The game currently has a demo on Steam.

2. Power Chord
Release Date: TBA
Developed By: Big Blue Bubble
Published By: Big Blue Bubble

Mixing together joining a rock band and dishing out card-based attacks on enemies in a turn-based role-playing game is Power Chord, a new game coming out from Big Blue Bubble. Described as a “Rock’n Roguelite” deck-building RPG, Power Chord tasks players to assemble Earth’s mightiest musicians, battling against legions of demons in a bid to retake their city of rock n’ roll from the hordes of demons, enhancing instruments of destruction along the way, one dive bar at a time. The game currently has a demo available on Steam.

1. Agent 64: Spies Never Die
Release Date: TBA 2022
Developed By: Replicant D6
Published By: Replicant D6

Many fans grew up playing the classic GoldenEye game on the Nintendo 64, which then left a lasting impression on young gamers. Some of these gamers have waited long enough for a remake or a sequel that they became old enough to make their own game based on the title. That’s the story of Replicant D6, who, probably after hearing that the GoldenEye remake is in development hell due to some licensing issues, took it upon themselves to develop Agent 64: Spies Never Die, a spiritual successor to GoldenEye in everything but its lineage and name. None of the original makes of GoldenEye reprise their roles or even serve in a supervisory or consultancy role for this game, and yet, Agent 64 stays true to the spirit of the original game. More than just for Nostalgia, and something that shouldn’t be judged for its looks, Agent 64 will surely affect players the same way GoldenEye did back in the 90s. You can try the game out now with its demo on Steam.

And that’s our top 10 upcoming PC games that we’re looking forward to – games that aren’t coming to consoles. Which ones are your most anticipated? Looking for similar lists for PS5, Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch? Then check them out below:

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