Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (2023)

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (1)

London – by Eva Dang – Unsplash

Originally published by Emma Starr in 2020 and Updated by Ruth on July 2022

London is home to a wide range of people and economic statuses, ranging from the typical 9-5er to the celebrities living luxurious lifestyles. The city is no stranger to extravagance – Michelin-star restaurants are flanked by upscale spas and fancy cocktail bars that are open until the wee hours of the morning.

The country’s capital is bigger than most visitors would imagine – each borough has its own unique vibe, with the trendy Shoreditch and the rows of vintage shops to the swanky cafes in Kensington. Regardless of the neighborhood, you’re wandering around in, you’ll be sure to see some pretty beautiful houses in your travels.

Numerous celebrities, English-born and otherwise, have their house (or at least one of them) in the always-buzzing metropolis. We’ve rounded up the top 10 celebrity houses you can see in London on your next trip – let us know if you get an invite inside.

1. David & Victoria Beckham – Holland Park

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (2)

David Beckham 2009 – By The Democratic Alliance [CC BY-SA (]

Famous footballer David Beckham is known throughout the world. His set-pieces and left-footed crosses are the skills of legend, with players today emulating his technique and proficiency. His illustrious career began at the young age of 17, signing for the powerhouse of Manchester United. He made 115 career appearances for the English national team, and played until 2013, becoming one of the highest earners in football history. That explains how he can afford the mansion he lives in now.

Also, Victoria Beckham is an English fashion designer and singer who is a business mogul in her own right. A fashion icon, she has cemented her place in the fashion world, and is known for her style around the world. The couple has managed to afford a £31 million pound mansion with two successful partners – yes, you read that right. Located in Holland Park, the massive abode contains a private gym, wine cellar, and separate living area for their eldest son, Brooklyn.

The entrance to their house is a black wrought iron canopy, with their white mansion peeking through in the background. The family’s social media gives hints as to the inside of their house, showing ample living area, beautiful windows, natural light, and state-of-the-art appliances in their kitchen.

We wouldn’t expect anything less from this power couple, and just hope that one day we’re lucky enough to get a few more glimpses into this impeccably built mansion that their children are lucky enough to grow up in.

2. Simon Cowell

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (3)

Simon Cowell in December 2011 – By Alison Martin of [CC BY-SA (]

Simon is no stranger to fame – or controversy. The outspoken judge is famous worldwide, especially in the USA for American Idol and England for X-Factor. He always speaks his mind, isn’t afraid to hurt anyone’s feelings, and is a savvy businessman.

His candor and smart business decisions have led him to become an extremely successful person in the music and TV industry, being one of the 100 most influential people in the world according to Time in 2004 and 2010. He has received both a BAFTA Special Award and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame due to his TV prevalence.

Due to his popularity and stardom, he has acquired quite a bit of money over the years. Cowell purchased a 5-bedroom, £15 million pound pad in Holland Park, near the Beckhams, Elton John, and fellow X Factor judge Robbie Williams. Nowadays, with his girlfriend and their children, he has decided to make a move to nearby Wimbledon – an upgrade to a six-bedroom house right near local schools.

The Kensington and Chelsea area is no stranger to posh living, although Holland Park is reportedly one of the most expensive places to live in the country. Both of his houses are mansions that show the opulence Cowell strives for.

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3. Pete Townshend – The Wick

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (4)

Wick House Richmond – By Maxwell Hamilton from Greater London, England United Kingdom [CC BY (]

The Wick is a famous house located in Richmond, London, formerly the home of Sir John Mills. Mils was an actor who featured in over 120 films over seven decades, cementing himself in acting history. This Georgian-style house has a prime location, overlooking the ever-flowing Thames and right near Richmond Park.

Lovers of nature would kill to live here, with the Thames right on your doorstep and the largest urban park in the country just a stone’s throw away. Architect Robert Mylne designed the house in the late 18th-century, drawing up grand dining rooms, three floors, and a lovely porch.

Facing Richmond Hill, the views from the house are great for a house right in the middle of the city. Townshend was lucky enough to purchase this property from Ronnie Wood, a member of the Rolling Stones, in 1996.

4. Kate Moss

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (5)

Kate Moss – By Walterlan Papetti [CC BY-SA (]

This fashion designer takes the same pride in her house as she does with her clothes. Her immaculately crafted articles of clothing are reflected in the detailing of her home. The wallpaper is custom created for her wants. The mixture of vintage and modern styles contrasts unexpectedly well. The master bath has a beautiful claw-foot tub, lying below a crystal chandelier.

Custom wallpaper lines the bathroom, covering every square inch, while an Irving Penn portrait sits perfectly above a stone hearth. The wallcoverings are an astounding $1,470 per 3″. Her walls are filled with beautiful photos, eccentric designs, and unique light fixtures. Her back garden has tall hedges, perfectly mowed grass, and interesting sculptures.

A separate house is located within the gardens, reminiscent of a gardener’s cottage, with windows, curtains, and a cute green front door. Kate Moss’s style seemingly transcends from her beloved clothes to her at-home style – and we love it.

5. Elton John – Queensdale Place

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (6)

Elton John 2011 – By David Shankbone [CC BY (]

No stranger to opulence, Elton John has purchased some pretty expensive items over the years. Although, he’s allowed to – since he has been knighted, after all. He is an English singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, and anything else he wants to do.

He really can do it all in the music world, as can be seen by his 50+ Top 40 hits in the UK Singles Chart and his numerous awards. He is one of the top 350 wealthiest people in the country, and one of the top 10 wealthiest in the British music industry.

Aside from his home in London, he owns homes in Old Windsor, Atlanta, L.A., Nice, and Venice – the guy really gets around. His home in Queensdale Place appears somewhat modest when you think about all of the properties he owns. The unassuming brown front door, aromatic flowers, and white walls don’t scream opulence, but then again – we have ‘t seen the inside.

John has owned this house since 1992, and it seems like a flat he’ll hang onto for the rest of his life. After all, if he wants to escape to a more lavish location, his Windsor house is a mansion perfect for weekend retreats.

6. Robbie Williams – Woodland House

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (7)

Robbie Williams in concert – By The original uploader was Foofy at English Wikipedia. [CC BY-SA (]

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This massive house is a detached house at 31 Melbury Road in Holland Park – we’ve heard this before. This Kensington and Chelsea neighborhood is one of the wealthiest in the city, and is home to various celebrities and their families. Built in 1875, this home is recognized for national importance, and was constructed by architect Richard Norman Shaw, one of the greatest British architects.

Once the home of director Michael Winner, it was purchased in 2013 by Robbie Williams. The house currently has 47 rooms and over 2,000 light-bulbs – the house was originally intended for artists’ studios, needing to use ample light and skylights for the entrance of natural light.

The amenities here now include a swimming pool, cinema, steam room, sauna, and jacuzzi, and it has been renovated several times during Winner’s tenure. After Winner’s renovations, Williams purchased the home for £1.75 million, and has continued to modernize and renovate the house for his own needs.

7. Sean Bean – Totteridge

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (8)

Sean Bean TIFF – By NASA/Bill Ingalls [Public domain]

The Game of Thrones actor is in the midst of selling his Grade II listed mansion for a whopping £6 million. Bought at £1.8 million twenty-some years ago, this is a pretty incredible profit. Featuring eight bedrooms, six bathrooms, and two kitchens, this extravagant house dates back to the 19th-century. With many refurbishments over the years, the house has modernized, but has managed to keep its historical charm, with fireplaces, high ceilings, and other period characteristics.

The property also contains an orangery (because, of course), a wine cellar, two garages, a tennis court, and seemingly unlimited land. The kitchen is highly contemporary, with interesting light fixtures, a long dining room table, see-through purple modern chairs, and an all-white vibe.

The dining room features a long wooden table, plush red rug, dark red drapes, and a crystal chandelier. Although the house is huge, you can see how a family would love to live here, with cozy smaller spaces, wooden detailing, ample space outside for activities, and modern amenities.

8. Amy Winehouse – 30 Camden Square

The posthumous, extremely talented singer resided at 30 Camden Square, the spot where she died of alcohol poisoning. The house has since become a shrine for fans, those who want to pay respects, and neighbor locals. Tourists have since stopped by to see where the late singer lived, probably wrote songs, spent time with friends, and ultimately passed away.

The 4-story house is worth approximately £2.5 million, and features three bedrooms, an outside garden, and a studio with soundproof walls for aspiring record makers. Camden St underground is extremely nearby, and provides great links to central London and Camden Square.

Although the house isn’t as extravagant as others on this list, the infamy behind the house has made it extremely sought after and pricey on today’s market.

9. Mick Jagger – Downe House, Richmond Hill

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (10)

Downe House, Richmond Hill – By Jim Linwood [CC BY (]

Another talented singer, Jagger lived here during the 1990s when he was married to Jerry Hall. Sir Jagger was an English singer, songwriter, and producer who gained early fame during his time in the Rolling Stones. With an illustrious career of over 5 decades, he is undoubtedly one of the most influential people in the rock & roll world.

Downe House was a Georgian residence, dating from 1780. Overlooking the Thames and situated on Richmond Hill, the house is extremely close to the large Richmond Park. Built with brown brick, yellow window dressing, the unassuming exterior wouldn’t scream wealthiness. But the 4-stories, basement, multiple balconies, and cast-iron balustrades say otherwise. A Grade II house in England, this historic residence is one to walk by if you’re visiting this busy city.

10. Jimmy Page – The Tower House

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (11)

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Foo Fighters with John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page – By Stuart Jones (Flickr user SkiSkoolStu) [CC BY-SA (]

This infamous late-Victorian townhouse is like something out of a fairy-tale. The high tower, medieval interior, and Gothic-Revival influence are apparent everywhere you look. Built by William Burges for his own home, he was known as one of the greatest Victorian art architects.

Designed between 1875-1881, the French Gothic Revival style provides complex and unique architecture. The house is comprised of red brick, with green roof slates from Cumbria, a North-Western section of the UK known for the nature and a type of wild beauty. Featuring an L-shaped plan, the floor plan is approximately 2,500 square feet.

The interior of the house was inspired by the famous Cardiff Castle in Wales. The combination of concrete foundations and the architectural skills made this an extremely sturdy design. The ground floor features a drawing room, extravagant dining room, and a library, capable of holding thousands of books.

The entrance hall is characterized by a large stained glass window, a mosaic floor, emblems adorning the surrounding doors, and the entrance to the library. The library’s walls are lined with bookcases, with literary decorations characterizing the room. The entrance to the drawing room is on the wall opposite the library fireplace, where you will find three stained glass windows, carved figures on the chimney piece, and other ornate decorations.

The first floor contains two bedrooms and an armory – although we hope that won’t come in handy today. The house also contains an elaborate garden at the rear of the house, with raised flowerbeds, sculptures, and trees lining the space. For a truly eclectic, extravagant, and unique house, this definitely fits the bill.

11. Sir Paul McCartney

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (12)

Cavendish Ave – By By No Swan So Fine – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Located at 7 Cavendish Avenue, this understated and beautiful home is blocked by a wooden entrance door, complete with a high brick fence to provide some extra privacy to the famous Beatles man. In a prestigious neighborhood, McCartney has a residential home on this quiet, tranquil, and peaceful street.

12. Freddie Mercury

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (13)

Freddie Mercury – By By – FreddieMercurySinging21978.jpg, CC BY-SA 3.0,

In Kensington on Logan Place, Mercury once lived behind a stone fence that was the entrance to ‘Garden Lodge,’ the infamous singer’s abode during his time as the frontman for Queen.

13. Keith Richards

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (14)

Keith Richards The Rolling Stones – By By Jerzy Bednarski – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Located at 3 Cheyne Walk, Keith Richards had a beautiful townhouse with a brick exterior, floor-to-ceiling windows, four floors, and a rooftop that provided expansive views over the Thames and his local Chelsea neighborhood.

14. David Attenborough – Richmond

Sir David Attenborough receiving the Landscape Institute Medal for Lifetime Achievement in 2019 by Nick.Thirteen – Wikimedia Commons

David Attenborough is an English broadcaster, biologist, natural historian, and author.

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David is quoted to have called his Richmond home, his favorite place on earth. His living room is decorated with lilac carpets and white walls, and furniture includes a set of brown leather sofas, a white bookcase, a dark oak wooden dresser, and various vases and ornaments. David has also displayed two photos of, naturally, wildlife on the walls.

The exterior of the building is painted a vibrant lilac, with white window frames and a grey tiled roof. He also has a garden and David does his best to attract and look after the local wildlife, including the birds which he feeds with a silver metallic bird feeder positioned on the tree.

15. Idris Elba – Hackney

Actor and director Idris Elba at the Berlinale 2018 by Harald Krichel – Wikimedia Commons

Idris Elba is an English actor, producer, and musician. He has been nominated four times for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. Aside from acting, Elba performs as a DJ under the moniker DJ Big Driis or Idris and as an R&B musician.

The 44-year-old actor owns a Grade II-listed £2.5million home in Hackney, East London. Idris submitted plans to the local council to build a vast underground studio in his house that would be open 15 hours a day, seven days a week.

It would include a production room, a live room for music performances, edit suites, and a cinema room likened to the one at the exclusive London private members club Soho House.

According to the plans, Elba intends to demolish large parts of the current basement and extend it into the back garden to accommodate a film, TV, and music post-production’ studio.

16. Boris Johnson – Oxfordshire

Boris Johnson Portrait by Ben Shread – Wikimedia Commons

Boris Johnson is a British politician who has served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party since 2019. He announced his resignation on 7 July 2022 and will remain as prime minister until a new party leader is elected.

Johnson bought his four-bedroom country house in Oxfordshire known as the Old Farm House with his ex-wife Marina Wheeler in 2003.

The fairytale cottage comes equipped with 2,659 square feet of inside space spread over two floors, including a large sitting room, a dining area, and a spacious galley kitchen, with a small breakfast zone at one end, where it would be easy to create a cool coffee station or at-home bar.

Wait for a second; not just London is home to the extravagant celebrity lifestyle…

Along with London being a mecca for celebrity homes and the high-life, celebrities also have beautiful apartments, townhomes, and mansions spread throughout the entire United Kingdom. Whether used as a ‘get-away’ house for a vacation or for simply their first home in the countryside, the celebrity homes in places other than London deserve some recognition as well.

Davina McCall

For example, Davina McCall recently put her sprawling East Sussex mansion up for sale – a Grade II 17th-century house that is fit for a king. Complete with six bedrooms, a tennis court, 38 acres of private property, and a swimming pool for the rarare sunny days, this countryside estate offers extensive views and a respite from the busy city.


Hello from the other side – here we have Adele’s beautiful Brighton beach house, one of just a few of the celebrity singer’s properties in the United Kingdom. With incredible sea views, a private beach, and plenty of natural light to make you feel like you are on holiday in a tropical paradise, this home was sold for over £350,000 profit.

Ed Sheeran

The ‘Galway Girl’ singer has numerous properties in the UK, with one of these most spectacular being the nearly £2.8 million Suffolk mansion.

Move over L.A., London (and the UK as a whole) is home to numerous celebrities who enjoy the posh lifestyle…

Top 16 Celebrity Homes in London (and a few in the rest of the UK!) (18)

St George’s Drive London – By Ввласенко [CC BY-SA (]

(Video) Inside Sienna Miller's Secluded Country Cottage | Open Door | Architectural Digest

As you can see, London is no stranger to wealth – or fame. The amount of UK celebrities that continue to reside in the country’s capital after succeeding in their careers says something about the city itself. The unlimited number of possibilities, options, and places to live make this a cultural hub for all celebrities.

The unique part about London is the number of historic buildings that are still kept intact – the inside may be extremely posh. Still, the outside will sometimes reflect the time period hundreds of years ago, which keeps the city looking charming for decades to come.


Where do most celebrities live in London? ›

Chelsea and Kensington have always been the most luxurious of London's neighbourhoods, so it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why so many celebrities live here.

Where do most celebrities live in UK? ›

Wait for a second; not just London is home to the extravagant celebrity lifestyle… Along with London being a mecca for celebrity homes and the high-life, celebrities also have beautiful apartments, townhomes, and mansions spread throughout the entire United Kingdom.

Where do top celebrities go in London? ›

London's best venues for celeb spotting
  • Claridge's Bar. Bar. Brook Street, Mayfair, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, W1K 4HR. ...
  • Shochu Lounge. Bar, Japanese. 37 Charlotte St., London W1T 1RR, UK. ...
  • 34 Mayfair. British. ...
  • Swan at the Globe. British. ...
  • The Lecture Room at sketch. Fine Dining.
Feb 15, 2023

Where do most famous celebrities live? ›

Where do most celebrities live? Most celebrities live in Los Angeles, California. However, other areas like Miami and Texas have recently seen more celebrities buying homes. What celebrity has the nicest house?

Where do rich people of London live? ›

The richest and most expensive neighbourhoods in London are definitely Chelsea, Kensington, Mayfair, and Knightsbridge! These neighbourhoods are known for their fashionable and expensive shops and restaurants, as well as being home to many of the richest people in the world.

Where do the rich hang out in London? ›

What Are the Traditionally Posh Areas in London? Knightsbridge, the City of Westminster, and Chelsea are traditionally posh areas of London.

What neighborhoods do most celebrities live in? ›

While plenty of celebrities can be found in other parts of the city, or even elsewhere in California, the highest concentration of famous people is in Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and the surrounding neighborhoods in the Hollywood Hills.

What is the most visited house in the UK? ›

  • BUCKINGHAM PALACE. As the official London residence of the Queen, the palace is possibly the most famous home in the UK, attracting millions of visitors every year.
Sep 4, 2020

What celebrities live in Notting Hill? ›

Some of the oft-mentioned celebrities that live (or recently lived) in Notting Hill are Blur frontman Damon Albarn, designers Bella Freud and Stella McCartney, ex-Eastender Martine McCutcheon, singer Bjork (sometimes), Robbie Williams, supermodel Claudia Schiffer as well as others.

What streets do celebrities live on? ›

All the big Hollywood tours know that some of the best celebrity homes are on Mulholland Drive, Alpine Drive, Bedford Drive, and Benedict Canyon. Not only are there plenty of celebrities living there today, but some legends from Hollywood's past stayed there as well.

Where do actors stay in London? ›

If you are trying to spot celebrities in London, your best bet is to stay in one of the popular celebrity hot spots like the Zedwell Hotel, Victory House, or IHG - Leicester Square. These hotels are located in prime locations for celebrities and offer luxurious accommodations that celebrities love.

What town has the most celebrities? ›

1. California

Los Angeles—specifically Hollywood. (Shocker, right?) However, there are other places that have also gained a strong celebrity following. San Francisco, San Diego, Malibu, and San Bernadino are also preferred cities for people who want to have a more private lifestyle in America's most glittery state.

Where do rich and famous people live? ›

San Francisco, CA – 180.300 millionaires. Los Angeles, CA – 173.300 millionaires.

Who is the richest family in London? ›

RankName2023 Wealth
1Gopi Hinduja and family*£35bn
2Sir Jim Ratcliffe£29.688bn
3Sir Leonard Blavatnik£28.625bn
4David and Simon Reuben and family£24.399bn
16 more rows
May 19, 2023

What is the richest street to live in London? ›

Kensington Palace Gardens: London's most expensive street.

Who lives in Millionaires Row London? ›

Iranian royals fleeing the fall of the Shah have lived there. The Sultan of Brunei owned a house. Saudi Arabian princes, swollen with oil riches, followed. Elton John once sang about the place.

What do millionaires do in London? ›

Wealthy Londoners are known to spend their free time in a variety of ways. Some enjoy the arts, while others prefer to stay active and participate in sports. When they're not working or taking care of business, London millionaires enjoy spending their time – and money – on a variety of different activities.

Where to meet a millionaire? ›

8 Best Millionaire Dating Sites That Work in 2023
  • Millionaire Match.
  • WhatsYourPrice.
  • Elite Singles.
  • HiBillionare.
  • The League.
  • Luxy.
  • Raya.
Oct 24, 2022

What is the rich street in England? ›

The most expensive street in the whole of the UK, Phillimore Gardens is a prestigious street located in the fashionable neighbourhood of Kensington, West London. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is known for its upscale neighbourhoods and high property values, and Phillimore Gardens is no exception.

Which celebrity lives in the biggest house? ›

1. Bill Gates' $125million house. After seven years in the making, Bill Gates' mega-mansion 'Xanadu 2.0', takes the top spot at a whopping $125 million!

What place in America has the most celebrities? ›

Celebrities can be found in all kinds of places in the US and abroad, but the highest concentration of famous people is still in Hollywood Hills.

Where do all the famous actors live? ›

Beverly Hills is the iconic address for movie stars to live in.

What is the most isolated house in England? ›

Skiddaw House, also described as Britain's “loneliest” house, is located in the mountains near Keswick in Cumbria. At more than 1,500 feet, it is inaccessible by car and the shortest walking route, to the village of Threlkeld, takes around an hour and 20 minutes.

What are the 3 most popular houses in the UK? ›

According to consumer research carried out this summer, the most architecturally desirable property style in the UK is Georgian, followed closely by Victorian and Tudor styles.

Who owns the most houses in the UK? ›

The top landowners include Queen Elizabeth, the Crown Estate and Hugh Grosvenor 7th Duke of Westminster.

Which supermodel lives on Portobello Road? ›

HAVING lived in Notting Hill for most of her life, designer Penelope Chilvers knows Portobello Road better than most and the eccentricities, charm, quirky corners and artistic community that envelopes its famous market even better.

What celebrities live in Mayfair? ›

Other famous residents of the area include Sir Winston Churchill, George Frederic Handel and Jimi Hendrix (whose former residences are now open to the public as the Handel & Hendrix Museum on Brook Street), and former Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

Where does Stella McCartney live Notting Hill? ›

Notting Hill's bohemian younger cousin, Ladbroke Grove is a true testament to London's unique and glorious mosaic of sights and sounds. On Golborne Road, Stella McCartney runs her multi-million pound empire from a converted chapel surrounded by thriving halal butchers, Moroccan cafés and Portuguese grocers.

Can you walk up to a celebrities house? ›

Not illegal - so long as there's public access to the front door (ie - you don't need to climb a locked gate to get to it) ! Morally - leave the poor celebs alone !… They have a right to their privacy - just as you do !

What celebrities live in the Bel Air? ›

Currently, Bel Air is a quiet residential neighbourhood of luxury properties where endless plots of land surround magnificent mansions. Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift and Ronald Reagan are some of the celebrities who have lived there.

Can you drive past celebrity homes in Beverly Hills? ›

Can you drive by celebrity homes in Beverly Hills? Yes, Beverly Hills homes many famous Hollywood celebs and you can drive by these celebrities' homes but do not stop.

What is the most exclusive club in London? ›

Annabel's, located in Berkeley Square, is one of the most sophisticated and well-respected members clubs in the world. Known for its stringent dress code and amazing entertainment, the crowd here tends to be a running list of the it-crowd and the who's-who of London proper.

Which London club has the most fans in London? ›

London has more Arsenal fans it's a fact. Chelsea has more international fans i.e US. But Arsenal IS the club with the largest London fanbase.

Do celebrities go to the Ivy in London? ›

The Ivy is a British restaurant which is known for being popular with celebrities. It is located on West Street near Cambridge Circus in London, opposite the Ambassadors and St Martin's theatres, making it a popular restaurant for theatergoers.

Where does Beyonce stay in London? ›

Beyoncé and Jay-Z seem to be creatures of habit, particularly where London is concerned. Their preferred hotel is the Corinthia overlooking the Thames on Whitehall, in the Royal Penthouse suite, of course, which boasts a panoramic view of the skyline and, at 5,000sq ft, is the largest of its kind in London.

Where can you spot celebrities in London? ›

Generally speaking Mayfair and Soho are the best areas to go celebrity stalking, as well as major tourist attractions like the London Eye and Piccadilly Circus.

Where do actors sleep on set? ›

One of the most common options for actors while filming, hotels are readily available in many locations and price points. Productions with a large cast and crew may seek out hotels that allow everyone to stay close together, making it easier to transport people to and from set while creating bonding opportunities.

Where do celebrities stay when they go to London? ›

The Palm Court at The Ritz is one of the longest-standing celebrity hot spots in town… Photo by Vanity Fair. The Ritz London ($812+/night) = Five-Star Hotel with a Famous “Afternoon Tea.” Opened in 1906, this is one of London's original luxury hotels, & its long been popular with the Royal Family.

Where do most foreigners live in London? ›

Kensington is an affluent area in the famous West End of the city. Two of its most popular areas for foreigners looking to live and work in London include High Street Kensington and South Kensington.

What street do a lot of celebrities live on? ›

But by far, the most famous street in Beverly Hills, perhaps in all of LA, is Mulholland Drive. Besides being immortalized in film and music, Mulholland Drive has also been home to Hollywood royalty like Marlon Brando, Warren Beatty, Mary Tyler Moore, and Jack Nicholson.

Where do Americans like to live in London? ›

North London is a popular area to live in the capital as it can be more affordable and quieter than other areas. North London tends to have a more liberal, laidback feel to it and there are many attractions here, including Camden Market, Regent's Canal and Hampstead Heath along with some of the best green spaces.

What is the nicest part of London? ›

1. Kensington. Having been voted the UK's best place to live, Kensington is an affluent part of west London. Along with world-class shopping facilities and beautiful green spaces, you'll be close to some of London's most popular attractions.

Where in the US is most like London? ›

Instead of London: Boston, MA

While Boston fought hard to separate itself from British rule in the 18th century, the city undeniably reflects the charm and culture of London.

Can you see celebrities in London? ›

No problem! By just strolling around some of London's major tourist attractions you may get lucky and bump into a star or two. Generally speaking Mayfair and Soho are the best areas to go celebrity stalking, as well as major tourist attractions like the London Eye and Piccadilly Circus.

Where do royalty stay in London? ›

Buckingham Palace has served as the official London residence of the UK's sovereigns since 1837 and today is the administrative headquarters of the Monarch.


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