Where To Shop In London: 10 Best Shopping Areas for Tourists and Fashionistas (2023)

London is one of the top cities in the world. When it comes to shopping, whether you are a fashionista looking for the latest trending fashion, a tourist shopping for souvenirs, an antiques collector looking to add to his or her collection, London has something for everyone! These are my top 10 picks for the best shopping in London, specially for a tourist/ first time visitors.

1. Oxford Street

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Oxford Street is a tourist and local favorite when it comes to shopping. This is also where the famed departmental store “Selfridges” is located. Apart from Selfridges there are other departmental stores like the House of Fraser, Debenhams and John Lewis which are also worth visiting. What I like about Oxford street is that it caters to everyone not just luxury shoppers.

Where is Oxford Street?

Oxford street is located in Central London. The closest London Underground station to Oxford street is Oxford Circus on the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria Lines. You can also get there from Bond Street station on the Jubilee and the Central Lines.

Services for visitors to London

Tax free services at Selfridges, souvenir shops, banks such as Santander, Llyods where you can exchange currency, famous hotels such as Claridge’s and London Mariott Grosvenor Square London. within walking distance.

What to buy at Oxford Street?

Shop for luxury clothes, shoes, watches and bags at Selfridges, John Lewis and House of Fraser. You can also shop London high street brands such as Next, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer and many others at Oxford street.

2. Harrods

Where To Shop In London: 10 Best Shopping Areas for Tourists and Fashionistas (2)

If you are looking to shop for high-end designer labels, then Harrods is the place to go. Harrods was also known for the statue of Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed. However, the statues are no longer there. When Harrods was sold to the Qatari Royal Family, the statues were removed.

Where is Harrods?

Harrods is located near the affluent neighbourhood of South Kensington and Chelsea. It’s very close to the Knightsbridge tube station on the Piccadilly Line.

Services for visitors to London

Tax-free shopping, Travel shop for custom itineraries of London, Bureau de Change, Qatar Airways Counter, Harrods souvenirs

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What to buy at Harrods?

Buy Harrods souveniers with the coveted Harrods logo on it. These souvenirs range from stuffed toys, children’s wear, stationary and christmas decorations. For fashionistas, there are the Harrods handbags which are very good value that you’ll rarely find anywhere else. You can also shop high-end luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Dior and many other well-known brands here.

3. Regent Street

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Regent Street is right next to Oxford Street and in many ways it is just an extension of Oxford street. However, you’ll find less department stores here and more designer shops along this street. The most famous store on this street is undoubtably the Apple Store.

Where is Regent Street?

Regent street is near Piccadilly Circus in Central London. The closest tube station to Regent street is Piccadilly Circus on the Bakerloo and Piccadilly line. You can also get to the other end of Regent street from Oxford Circus on the Central, Victoria and Bakerloo lines.

What to buy at Regent Street?

  1. Buy Iphone accessories at the Apple store
  2. Kids toys at Hamleys
  3. Exclusive designer bags, shoes and clothes at Coach, Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors.

4. Westfield Shopping Centre

Where To Shop In London: 10 Best Shopping Areas for Tourists and Fashionistas (4)

If it’s cold and raining, in other words, typical London weather, then you may prefer to shop in Westfield Shopping Centre. Westfield Shopping Centre is one of the biggest shopping malls in London and you can shop for an entire day here.

Where is Westfield Shopping Centre?

Westfield Shopping Centre is located in Sheperd’s Bush. The closest tube station is Sheperd’s Bush station on the Central Line, Overground and Southern Railways, Sheperd’s Bush Market on the Circle, Hammersmith & City and Woodlane on the Circle, Hammersmith & City Lines.

Westfield also has another shopping centre at Stratford. The closest train station to this shopping centre is Stratford station on the London overground and Tfl Rail.

Services for Visitors to London

Tax-free shopping, Taxi Lounge, In-Centre Red Car- chauffer driven experience inside the shopping centre, cloak room where you can leave your luggage, coats and shopping bags so that you can shop in comfort.

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What to buy at Westfield London

Westfield has some popular UK brands such as Miss Selfridge, Monsoon, Missguided, Dorothy Perkins and others.

5. Old and New Bond Street

The Old Bond Street and the New Bond street commonly known as Bond Street connects Piccadilly to Oxford Street. This street, especially the Old Bond Street, has many high-end designer shops like Prada, Bvlgari, Louis Vuitton and others.

Where is Bond Street?

New Bond Street and Old Bond Street aka “Bond Street” is located between Oxford and Picadilly Street as shown below. The closest tube stations are Bond Street on the Jubilee and Central line, and Green Park on the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria Lines.

6. Carnaby Street

Where To Shop In London: 10 Best Shopping Areas for Tourists and Fashionistas (5)

As mentioned above Carnaby Street is also close to Oxford Street. This quirky shopping street has some unique shops and many restaurants and bar. I would definitely recommend visiting Carnaby street during your visit to London.

Where is Carnaby Street?

You can enter Carnaby Street from Great Marlborough street through the lane right next to the Liberty London Departmental Store. You can also enter the street from Regent Street. There’s a lane in between the Gap and Coach Stores that takes you there. The closest tube station to Carnaby Street is Oxford circus on the Central, Victoria and Bakerloo lines.

What to buy at Carnaby Street?

Shop for some unique and quirky shoes at Irregular Choice. Buy some sports themed caps and apparel at the New Era Carnaby Street or iconic footwear from Dr. Martens.

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7. Burlington Arcade

Where To Shop In London: 10 Best Shopping Areas for Tourists and Fashionistas (6)

The Burlington Arcade is one of the oldest arcades in London. Before the advent of shopping malls, arcades like these were the popular shopping places among the public. Now, the arcade consists of select shops which sell luxury and vintage jewels and watches. This may not be the ideal shopping location for the usual tourist. However, it’s still worth a brief visit because of the history of the arcade.

Where is Burlington Arcade?

Burlington Arcade London, is located on the Piccadilly Street in between Royal Academy of Arts and Old Bond St. The closest tube station is Green Park on Jubilee, Piccadilly and Victoria lines.

What to buy at Burlington Arcade?

Buy vintage pre-owned rare Rolex watches at The Vintage Watch Company or vintage jewels at Richard Ogden Ltd.

8. Camden Market

Camden market is not a typical tourist go-to for shopping. I would suggest you visit Camden only if you are looking for off-beat shopping locations. The market has a food market which has food stalls from around the world.

Where is Camden market?

Where To Shop In London: 10 Best Shopping Areas for Tourists and Fashionistas (7)

Camden market is on banks of the Regent’s Canal. The nearest tube station to Camden Market is Camden Town on the Northern Line.

What to buy at Camden Market?

Camden Market is a youth focused market selling cheap clothes, jewellery and other knickknacks. If you want to buy t-shirts for casual wear, London souvenirs, then this is the ideal place to shop.

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9. Portobello Market at Notting Hill

Where To Shop In London: 10 Best Shopping Areas for Tourists and Fashionistas (8)

Notting Hill is famous for colorful pastel buildings and Portobello market where everyday different items are sold. The most popular time to shop here is on Saturday when the market is in full swing. On Sundays the street stalls are closed. So, it’s a bad time to visit on Sundays.

Where is Portobello Market?

Portobello market is located on Portobello Road in Notting Hill area of London. The nearest tube station is Ladbroke Grove Station on the Circle, Hammersmith & City lines. You can also walk to the Portobello market from Notting Hill Gate Station on the Central, Circle and District Line.

What to buy at Portobello Market

Portobello market is famous for its antique market stalls which are set up only on Saturdays. If you visit on other days of the week, you can still shop at the antique shops which are open through out the week.

10. Covent Garden

Where To Shop In London: 10 Best Shopping Areas for Tourists and Fashionistas (9)

Covent Garden is mainly known for theatres and great restaurants. However, this area boasts of some upmarket brands like Mulberry, Tom Ford, Paul Smith, Bucherer and a quaint shopping mall which used to be an apple market in the 1830’s. Also, in this area, you’ll find Neal’s yard which has lately become Instagram Famous due to the colorful buildings.

Where is Convent Garden?

Covent Garden is located in the West End of London. The closest tube station is Covent Garden station on the

What to buy at Covent Garden?

Buy luxury bags at Mulberry, ballet flat shoes at French Sole, Swiss watches at Bucherer or some sunglasses at Ray Ban. There are also some second-hand book stores on Covent Garden which is fun exploring.

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Which area of London is best for shopping? ›

Oxford Street is considered the centre of London's shopping world. Holding well over 300 shops, 4 underground stations, as well as flagship stores for numerous companies, Oxford Street is not only the busiest shopping location in London it's the largest shopping district in existence.

What is the most fashionable place in London? ›

London's Most Fashionable Streets
  • Oxford Street, Central London. ...
  • Marylebone High Street, Central London. ...
  • Sloane Street, Kensington. ...
  • Bond Street, Central London. ...
  • Redchurch Street, Shoreditch. ...
  • Carnaby Street, Soho. ...
  • Brick Lane, Shoreditch. ...
  • King's Road, Chelsea.

What is the most famous shop in London? ›

Harrods. Out of all of the London department stores, Harrods takes the number one spot for being the best-known and most-visited shop. Harrods started off as a humble groceries and tea shop in 1849, which is a far cry from the seven-story, glittering icon it is today.

What street in London is famous for fashion? ›

Wander along Oxford Street – one of the most famous London shopping streets – which is home to more than 300 shops, designer outlets, high-street chains and landmark stores.

Where do fashion people hang out London? ›

Members clubs like Soho House and its east London Shoreditch House, the Hospital Club, and House of St Barnabas are a popular spots for more established designers, and also go-tos for cultural PRs in the city.

What is the most luxurious area in London? ›

1- Mayfair

Made up of expensive Georgian townhouses, elite hotels, and gourmet restaurants, the neighborhood of Mayfair has long been one of the most expensive neighborhoods in London.

What are the biggest shopping Centres in London? ›

Westfield Stratford City is Europe's largest shopping centre. It compliments its sister shopping centre, Westfield at the other end of the Central Line in Shepherd's Bush. There's a John Lewis, a Marks and Spencers and just about every other high street store you could wish for.

What are popular places for shopping? ›

We've picked the best shopping destinations in the world – now it's up to you to explore them and get some use out of your credit card.
7 Best Shopping Destinations Worldwide
  • New York City, USA. ...
  • Paris, France. ...
  • Milan, Italy. ...
  • London, United Kingdom. ...
  • Hong Kong, China. ...
  • Bangkok, Thailand. ...
  • Los Angeles, USA.

What is the most popular shopping centre in UK? ›

Westfield London

What things are cheaper to buy in London? ›

Top 25 Things that are Cheaper in the UK
  • British Tea.
  • British Chocolate.
  • Museum Gifts.
  • Union Jack Items.
  • Bath Items.
  • Beauty Products.
  • Fashion.
  • Sports Clothing.
29 Nov 2018

Which is the most luxurious department store in UK? ›

Harrods. The World's Leading Luxury Department Store.

What is the longest shopping street in London? ›

First for fashion, entertainment, technology and innovation, Oxford Street is the world's biggest high street. It offers 1.5 miles of unrivalled shopping, with more than 90 flagship stores, from fashion and beauty, to tech and homeware.

Where should a first time tourist stay in London? ›

Mayfair is the best area to stay in London for first time visitors to the city because of its proximity to Hyde Park, Green Park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The architecture and tiny side streets also make Mayfair one of the most instagrammable spots in London.

Is Notting Hill good for shopping? ›

Notting Hill has been a fashion force to be reckoned with since its Bohemian era in the 1980s, when Portobello Road became the place to find one-off pieces in both the small boutiques and famous market.

What is the poshest street in London? ›


What is the best time for shopping in London? ›

Best Time for Shopping: All the best sales in London, including Harrods's ultra-popular summer sale, happen in late June and early July. Shops are busiest and generate most of their revenue during December – expect much in the way of festive atmosphere during this month, but not many bargains.

What is the fashion capital of England? ›

Home to some of the most successful British high-end fashion designers including Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, London is a major player in the fashion industry and has rightfully earned its place as one of the most important iconic fashion capitals in the world.

What are the 3 best influencers fashion lifestyle in London at the moment? ›

London Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram
  • Frédérique Harrel. Born in Paris but residing in London for the past five years, Freddie Harrel is now one of the U. ...
  • Framboise Fashion. ...
  • The Gentleman Blogger. ...
  • Richard Biedul. ...
  • Lyndsey Holland. ...
  • Camille Charriere. ...
  • Soraya Bakthiar. ...
  • Lisa Aiken.

What shoes do people wear in London? ›

Most people wear tennis shoes in London or any fashionable boots. You may also love to bring something with elevation to prevent wet conditions. Choose calf-height and ankle boots for the winter. When there is heavy rain, rubber bootie will work well especially if you're exploring the city on foot.

What kind of clothes should I pack for London? ›

London Packing Checklist
  • Shirts / t-shirts.
  • Sweater / fleece for layering.
  • Jeans / Pants.
  • Underwear / socks.
  • Shoes (bring a pair that is versatile so you can travel with just one or at most two pairs)
  • Swimwear (if needed, such as hotel has pool for instance)
10 Sept 2022

What do you wear on a night out in London 2022? ›

We have gathered here some quick tips. Outfit: a cocktail / mini / short dress (black is the best choice but also blue, white and red); also black trousers and crop top/shirt; jeans are fine; skirt/mini-skirt with a sexy T-shirt/shirt. Shoes: heels are a must, better if high heels. Elegant boots are a good alternative.

Where do rich people go in London? ›

What Are the Traditionally Posh Areas in London? Knightsbridge, the City of Westminster, and Chelsea are traditionally posh areas of London.

Where do the rich people live in London? ›

It's also home to some of the richest neighbourhoods in the world, with Park Lane alone ranking as one of London's most expensive streets. There are four neighbourhoods in London which are known as some of the most expensive areas in the capital: Mayfair, Kensington, Belgravia and Chelsea.

What is the name of the famous shopping street in central London? ›

Oxford Street: Probably the most famous shopping street in London.

What's better Bluewater or Lakeside? ›

Bluewater is better if you're shopping with children. There are more play areas and more toilets, which seem to be like gold dust at Lakeside.

What is the most popular shopping mall? ›

Mall of America is currently the most popular and visited mall in the United States. The mall has a retail space of 5.6 million square feet.

Which shopping centre has the most stores? ›

At over 12 million square feet (equivalent to more than 50 soccer fields), the Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world based on total area. The mall contains more than 1,200 shops, an ice rink, a SEGA game centre, a five-star hotel, 22 cinema screens and 120 restaurants and cafes.

What is the most popular high street shop UK? ›

  • Marks & Spencer. This iconic brand has now become something of an institution within the UK. ...
  • John Lewis. ...
  • Next. ...
  • Poundland. ...
  • Dunelm. ...
  • Wilko. ...
  • The Body Shop. ...
  • Waterstones.
22 Jun 2022

What is the most bought item in England? ›

UK's top-selling grocery items revealed
1Smirnoff 38% 1000ml Vodka Spirits£191.4
2Walkers Crisps 6ct 150gr Crisps£179.1
3Smirnoff 38% 700ml Vodka Spirits£165.2
4Pringles 1ct 190gr Snacks£161.0
6 more rows
26 Nov 2014

Is Zara cheaper in London? ›

Zara, Europe's biggest clothing retailer, has some of the biggest percentage price differentials between the UK and the rest of Europe. A British shopper pays £49.99 for a linen blend tunic dress at one of Zara's stores in the UK, equal to €58.70 at current exchange rates.

Who is the number 1 retailer in the UK? ›

1AMAZ Amazon UK100
3MASP Marks & Spencer100
4NEXT Next100
39 more rows

What brands are cheaper to buy in the UK? ›

6 brands that are cheaper to buy in United Kingdom
  • Warehouse. Scroll to continue with content. ADVERTISEMENT. ...
  • Cath Kidston. brands cheaper UK cath-kidston. ...
  • Lush. brands cheaper UK lush. ...
  • Dorothy Perkins. brands cheaper UK dorothy. ...
  • Miss Selfridge. brands cheaper UK selfridge. ...
  • Nespresso Machines. 231204773.
22 May 2016

What can't you wear in Harrods? ›

And though their motto is Omnia Omnibus Ubique , which translates from Latin to "all things for all people, everywhere", Harrods still reportedly has a ban on bare midriffs and dirty clothes.

Which street is London's most famous shopping street? ›

1. Oxford Street: For Designer Wear. Located in the heart of the city, the famous Oxford Street is home to more than 300 shops, which offer the most exquisite London shopping experience which means Oxford Street shopping is amongst the best things to do in London on your trip.

What is the oldest store in London? ›

The oldest retail store - Liberty London, London Traveller Reviews - Tripadvisor.

What is the most famous street in London? ›

Downing Street

Without doubt, one of the most famous streets in London is Downing Street. 10 Downing Street is, of course, the official residence of the Prime Minister.

Is north or south of London better? ›

"North London is historically older, the architecture is nicer and areas are significantly better developed. With this comes a wealth of attractions that you won't find in South. A wealth of different restaurants, an abundance of museums and parks."

Which part of London is famous for its shopping and nightlife? ›

Soho is the centre of all nightlife in London both spiritually and geographically. Placed slap-bang in the centre of the city, this world-renowned party place is known for some of the craziest dance nights in town.

What is the best way to get around London as a tourist? ›

The best way to get around London is the rapid-transit London Underground, or what locals call "the Tube." You can even take the Tube from Heathrow Airport (LHR) – one of the world's busiest airports – into the city center.
Trams have the same fares as buses.
  1. London Overground.
  2. TfL Rail.
  3. London Trams.

How can a tourist not stand out in London? ›

  1. Don't get the Heathrow Express.
  2. Get your Oyster Card ready.
  3. Use the Tube – but not too much!
  4. Don't use the tourist bus – use these instead.
  5. Use your phone.
  6. Avoid Oxford Street.
  7. Avoid Leicester Square.
  8. Visit the museums at night.

What part of London is posh? ›

What Are the Traditionally Posh Areas in London? Knightsbridge, the City of Westminster, and Chelsea are traditionally posh areas of London.

Which side of London is better? ›

West London is typically seen as the more posh side of the city, while East London is known for being a bit more gritty.

What are people from south London called? ›

To most outsiders a Cockney is anyone from London, though contemporary natives of London, especially from its East End, use the word with pride. In its geographical and cultural senses, Cockney is best defined as a person born within hearing distance of the church bells of St.

What is the name of the most elegant department store in London? ›

Harrods. Harrods is one of the most famous and most-visited London department stores. The shop has become synonymous with luxury with a gorgeous Art Nouveau-inspired food hall and over 5,000 brands over seven floors of luxury. Enjoy 90,000 square metres and 330 different departments that cover fashion, home, and food.

Where do celebrities party in London? ›

Top Celebrity Hangout Restaurants in London
  • M Threadneedle Street.
  • 100 Wardour Street. Soho.
  • Nobu. Mayfair.
  • Chilternfirehouse. Soho.
  • The Ivy. Covent Garden.
  • Hakkasan. Mayfair.
  • DSTRKT. Soho.
5 Oct 2021


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