Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (2023)

It is an enormous city filled with history, adventure, and culture, so deciding where to stay in London will have a huge impact on your trip.

One of the coolest things about London is that each area has its own character and makes you feel like you’re in a completely different city. But with so many areas and a plethora of things to do and see, choosing where to stay in London is a tough one!

I am proud to call myself a local after moving to London two years ago and am excited to walk you through the best neighborhoods the city has to offer. Hopefully, this article will help make your decision on where to stay in London a bit easier.

Let’s get into it!

Table of Contents

  • Best Places to Stay in London
    • Mayfair
      • Pros of Staying in Mayfair:
      • Cons of Staying in Mayfair:
    • Soho
      • Pros of Staying in Soho:
      • Cons of Staying in Soho:
    • Shoreditch
      • Pros of Staying in Shoreditch:
      • Cons of Staying in Shoreditch:
    • Covent Garden
      • Pros of Staying in Covent Garden:
      • Con of Staying in Covent Garden:
    • Kings Cross
      • Pros of Staying in Kings Cross:
      • Con of Staying in Kings Cross:
    • Camden
      • Pros of Staying in Camden:
      • Cons of Staying in Camden:
    • Marylebone
      • Pros of Staying in Marylebone:
      • Con of Staying in Marylebone:
    • Bermondsey
      • Pros of Staying in Bermondsey:
      • Con of Staying in Bermondsey:
    • Southwark
      • Pros of Staying in Southwark:
      • Con of Staying in Southwark:
    • Angel and Islington
  • Tips for Staying in London
    • Take Advantage of Public Transit
    • Plan Ahead
    • Visit Multiple Boroughs
    • Partake in British Delicacies
    • Visit the Pubs
  • FAQ’s About Where to Stay in London
    • Where should I avoid staying in London?
    • How Many Days do I need in London?
    • Does it matter which airport I fly into?
    • Should I stay in central London or will it be too busy with tourists?
    • Is there a time I can visit where I’ll avoid the rain?
    • Is London Expensive?

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Best Places to Stay in London

Visiting London and need a quick recommendation on the best places to stay in the city? Check out one of these unique options:

Whether you’re after a quiet street, a convenient location, or a taste of luxury, each of the above hotels has something unique to offer. If you have a bit more time, then let’s take a look at the best neighborhoods in London:

12 Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in London

London is a primary European hub that’s hugely popular to both visit and live in. Overall, the city is divided into 32 boroughs, plus the City of London. In this area, there are 48 distinct neighborhoods home to roughly 9 million people. Check out this great London map for more info.

A great thing about the neighborhoods in London is the diversity from one to the next. You could find yourself waking up in the quaint Notting Hill borough after a night out in lively Soho. Getting from one area to the next is often just a short double-decker bus or tube ride away.


Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (1)

👉 Best Area For A Luxury Stay | ✨ Best Mayfair Hotels: The Dorchester CollectionThe Chesterfield MayfairThe Mayfair Townhouse

Nestled in the heart of central London, Mayfair is without a doubt one of the classiest parts of town and, as such, it comes at a premium price. When you see London in films or TV shows, this is often one of the main spots featured due to its stunning architecture and snazzy storefronts. Mayfair is also home to one of the most iconic department stores in the world: Harrods.

If you’re looking to experience your first-afternoon tea, then this is one of the best areas to do so, as many luxury hotels offer a wide selection of fancy teas, desserts, and sandwiches. The champagne afternoon tea at The Dorchester Collection never disappoints and is my personal favorite.

This area also has a ton of Instagrammable cafes, shops, and high-end London restaurants, but you’ll want to make sure you book in advance. And if you’re a supercar fan, you will likely spot anything from an Aston Martin to a Bugatti on every corner and side street in the area.

Pros of Staying in Mayfair:

  • Gorgeous storefronts
  • Proximity to Hyde Park
  • Best luxury shopping area in London
  • Central location

Cons of Staying in Mayfair:

  • Hotels can be expensive
  • A quieter area at night
  • Not much nightlife

📚 Mayfair Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for a Taste of Luxury
Google Map


Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (2)

👉 Best Area For Families & A Central Stay | ✨ Best Soho Hotels: The Stafford LondonThe Cavendish LondonThe Resident Soho

Situated in the borough of Westminster, Soho is where to stay in London to be as central as possible. This neighborhood boasts bustling streets and is a great area for families as it’s within walking distance of many major attractions including the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Oxford Circus, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, the Theater of London, Leicester Square, and much more.

Despite being one of the most popular areas in London for visitors, it is still possible to find an affordable hotel and stick to a reasonable budget for visiting London while staying in Soho. Not to mention it has some of the best nightlife in London!

Pros of Staying in Soho:

  • Central location
  • Bustling nightlife
  • Home to several of London’s main attractions
  • Great for family trips

Cons of Staying in Soho:

  • Louder area
  • Very busy and lots of tourists

📚 Soho Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for Family Trips and Attractions
Google Map

Kensington & Chelsea

Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (3)

👉 Best Area For A Romantic Getaway | ✨ Best Kensington & Chelsea Hotels: The Ampersand HotelHux Hotel KensingtonThe Pelham London

Are you picturing a romantic European escape at a luxury hotel with peace and quiet, while being on the doorstep of several attractions? Then Kensington & Chelsea is the perfect choice for your stay in London.

This royal borough in the west end is filled with quintessentially British architecture, colorful streets, and lovely storefronts. Be sure to check out Sloane Square, a famous shopping street filled with cute cafes and fancy restaurants. On Saturdays take a stroll through Duke of York square in the heart of Chelsea which hosts a fine food market, before embracing the culture at the Saatchi Gallery.

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One of London’s most iconic attractions, the Natural History Museum is located in the heart of South Kensington and is a quick walk from South Kensington station. If you’re a fashion lover, then you have to check out the Victoria and Albert museum across the street. The area is also filled with some of London’s best parks, including Kensington Palace Gardens and Battersea Park.

Pros of Staying in Kensington & Chelsea:

Cons of Staying in Kensington & Chelsea:

  • Lack of nightlife
  • Expensive area

📚 Kensington & Chelsea Mini Guide 📚
Best Area to Stay for a Cute Romantic Getaway
Google Map


Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (4)

👉 Best Nightlife in London | ✨ Best Shoreditch Hotels: One Hundred ShoreditchBatty Langley’sMondrian London Shoreditch

Shoreditch is where to stay in London if you’re looking to have a proper night out and explore an area filled with arts and culture.

As you wander through alleyways filled with street art, you’ll find some of the best-hidden gems that London has to offer in terms of bars, restaurants, markets, and shops. In particular, Brick Lane is a famous street that consists of some of London’s best Indian cuisine and is dotted with vintage shops.

Shoreditch is centrally located and stretches out across east London, accessible by main tube lines and buses. This is personally one of my favorite neighborhoods in London as it’s filled with character, live music venues, and fantastic local coffee shops.For more, see my guide to what to do in Shoreditch.

Pros of Staying in Shoreditch:

  • Vibrant nightlife
  • Street art
  • Bustling markets
  • Best vintage shopping
  • One of a kind restaurants

Cons of Staying in Shoreditch:

  • Has some less safe parts
  • Loud area

📚 Shoreditch Mini Guide 📚
Best Area for a Night Out
Google Map

Covent Garden

Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (5)

👉 Best Food Scene in London | ✨ Best Covent Garden Hotels: Middle EightNoMad LondonSt Martins Lane London

If you’re looking for an old faithful spot in London, then you’ve likely heard of Covent Garden. This vibrant neighborhood in London’s west end has everything from lively London bars to some of the best restaurants in London. It’s great for both solo travelers and families.

While here, wander your way through Covent Garden Market, one of the most buzzing shopping districts in town. The main market is made up of several shops, restaurants, bars, and stalls filled with independent sellers of antiques, food, arts and crafts, and souvenirs.

Despite its convenient location, there are several types of hotel options in the area, including boutique hotels, mid-range hotels, and budget hotels if you’re looking to save the extra pounds.

Another great feature of Covent Garden is the events. Whether it’s a pop-up for a cool brand, an al-fresco dining experience, or the magical decorations around Christmas, this neighborhood is sure to brighten your mood the second you step foot in it.

Pros of Staying in Covent Garden:

  • Very centrally located
  • Incredible food
  • Main shopping district
  • Great for families

Con of Staying in Covent Garden:

  • Lots of tourists

📚 Covent Garden Mini Guide 📚
Best Area for Food Options
Google Map

Kings Cross

Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (6)

👉 Best Area for Arts and Culture in London | ✨ Best Kings Cross Hotels: The StandardKimpton Fitzroy LondonPullman London St Pancras

Whether you’re a massive Harry Potter fan or love a bit of history, Kings Cross in central London is filled with charm, character, and culture. The world-renowned Kings Cross Station is always bustling with travelers and is well connected to train journeys within and outside London. This is arguably the best neighborhood to stay in London for both business travelers and culture lovers, as it truly does have something for everyone.

A short walk from the station is Coal Drops Yard, a shopping destination with over 50 stores and restaurants. This area especially comes alive in the summertime, when bars open up their outdoor terraces. There are also several green spaces, often hosting fun activities such as art installations and crazy golf.

Pros of Staying in Kings Cross:

  • Great area for business travel
  • After-work social environment
  • Easy access to transport

Con of Staying in Kings Cross:

  • Very busy

📚 Kings Cross Mini Guide 📚
Best Arts & Culture
Google Map


Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (7)

👉 Best Area for a Student Holiday in London | ✨ Best Camden Hotels: Camden Enterprise HotelLondon Marriott Hotel Regents ParkThe Level at Melia White House

If you’re looking for where to stay in London with a group of friends, then Camden Town is one of my top recommendations. Located in central London and surrounded by many of the city’s main university campuses, the area offers culture and charm.

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Within the district, you have the famous Camden Lock, a market filled with a multitude of treasures along the Regent’s Canal. In the summer, Camden Lock boasts streets and alleyways filled with live music, cute cafes, excellent shopping, and fantastic eats.

Camden is also conveniently located near Regent’s Park. Here, you can get a nature fix in the gardens and admire the adorable animals at the London Zoo.

You can visit this lovely and unique market every day of the year other than Christmas day.

Pros of Staying in Camden:

  • Fun nightlife
  • Great for students and young people
  • Home to lots of live music

Cons of Staying in Camden:

  • Has some less safe parts
  • High levels of income inequality

📚 Camden Mini Guide 📚
Best Budget Area in London
Google Map


Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (8)

👉 Best Area for a Chic Holiday in London | ✨ Best Marylebone Hotels: The Landmark LondonThe Montcalm Marble ArchThe Mandeville Hotel

Wondering where to stay in London for luxury, class, and elegance? Then check out Marylebone.

Located in London’s west end, Marylebone is a lovely neighborhood loaded with indie boutiques and fancy restaurants. Whether you’re on a cute romantic getaway with your partner or taking part in a much-needed girls’ trip, Marylebone offers many incredible activities and attractions without having to leave the neighborhood.

The high street is filled with gorgeous Victorian architecture where you can get your next Vogue-magazine quality snapshot. A main attraction in the area is The Wallace Collection, a lovely museum filled with eighteenth-century art and culture in the form of paintings, sculptures, furniture, arms, porcelain, and armor.

This area does tend to be on the pricier side compared to some of the other great options in London, but is worth staying in if you’re looking to treat yourself to a luxurious holiday.

Pros of Staying in Marylebone:

  • Great shopping options
  • Charming architecture
  • Luxury boutique hotels
  • Centrally located

Con of Staying in Marylebone:

  • Can be expensive


Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (9)

👉 Best Area for Craft Beer | ✨ Best Bermondsey Hotels: The Dixon, Tower Bridge, Autograph CollectionBermonds LockeThe LaLit London

Located in the London borough of Southwark and just a stone’s throw away from the infamous Tower Bridge, Bermondsey is where to go for a quintessential London experience. I recommend staying here if you only have a few days in London or are traveling with family, as it is centrally situated amongst several main London attractions.

If you’re a food and beverage enthusiast, then you’ll have a heyday roaming the streets. You’ll find a multitude of great dining and drink options on pretty much every corner, as well as the famous Bermondsey Beer Mile, a great pathway filled with London’s finest craft breweries.

Hopping along between breweries in Bermondsey is guaranteed to be a great afternoon out with a group of friends – I’m also planning on taking my parents when they come to visit.

Pros of Staying in Bermondsey:

  • Central location
  • Vicinity to Tower Bridge
  • Amazing local bars and restaurants

Con of Staying in Bermondsey:

  • Attracts a lot of tourists so can be crowded and busy

📚 Bermondsey Mini Guide 📚
Best Views in London
Google Map


Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (10)

👉 Best Area for the Views | ✨ Best Southwark Hotels: Shangri-La, The Shard, LondonVintry & MercerNative Bankside

Southwark has it all when it comes to stunning views, exciting attractions, and delicious food and drink options. It’s a great choice for where to stay in London for families, friends, or even solo holidays, as there are plenty of things to do in this very centrally-located area.

If you enjoy taking pictures, then the Shard is where you want to be if you’re looking to get a great shot of the city from above. It’s also just a great view in general for dinner, a cocktail, or just taking in London.

Vinegar Yard, conveniently located next to London Bridge Station, is a great choice of a watering hole in Southwark. It offers a fantastic selection of drinks, food, art, and even a flea market on weekends.

Pros of Staying in Southwark:

  • Located on the heels of Borough Market
  • Proximity to the south bank
  • Buzzing view

Con of Staying in Southwark:

  • Is a bit noisy

📚 London Bridge Mini Guide 📚
Best Views in London
Google Map

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Westminster & St James

Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (11)

👉 Best Area for Main Attractions | ✨ Best Westminster & St James Hotels: The Landmark LondonHolmes Hotel LondonThe Clermont London, Victoria

If you’re looking to hit up Queen Liz, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the National Gallery, and the London Eye when you stay in London, then look no further than Westminster & St James neighborhood. The convenience factor here is unmatched, as you’ll be a stone’s throw away from several world-renowned attractions that London is known for.

For hustle and bustle, take a stroll down Oxford Street, London’s largest shopping district. Then, when you’re ready to relax, Hyde Park is just around the corner, filled with luxurious green space where you can enjoy a coffee and people-watch.

St James’s Park is another lovely green space within this London neighborhood, where you can check out the famous flower beds in front of Buckingham Palace. You can really get the best of both worlds if you stay in this part of central London.

Pros of Staying in Westminster & St James:

  • Located near several lovely other neighborhoods including Victoria
  • Proximity to major attractions
  • Great for families

Cons of Staying in Westminster & St James:

  • This is a very packed area both day and night
  • Is a bit overpriced

📚 Westminster & St James Mini Guide 📚
Best Area for Main Attractions in London
Google Map

Angel and Islington

Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming (12)

👉 Best Area for Trendy Places | ✨ Best Angel and Islington Hotels: The RookerySouth Place Hotelnhow London

If you’re in the mood for a trendy neighborhood filled with character, then plan your stay in the Angel and Islington area of London. The area has a nice mix of luxury hotels, budget hotels, and mid-range hotels, great for all types of travelers.

Located in the northern part of the city, I recommend taking a walk down the borough’s famous Upper Street, where you’ll find a plethora of cozy pubs, unique restaurants, and trendy shops. If you’re here on a Sunday, then be sure to check out the Chapel Market for some delicious fresh produce, blooming plants, and local libations.

For a top-tier dramatic arts performance, head down to the reputable Almeida Theatre, one of London’s top-producing theatres.

Pros of Staying in Angel & Islington:

  • Trendy neighborhood
  • Cute streets filled with lovely bars and restaurants
  • Lots of unique independent shops

Con of Staying in Angel & Islington:

  • Doesn’t offer much in terms of nightlife

📚 Angel & Islington Mini Guide 📚
Best Area for Trendy Places in London
Google Map

Tips for Staying in London

Take Advantage of Public Transit

A major element that sets London apart from other cities is its efficient and well-connected transit system. London can be expensive, so utilizing the public transit system is a great hack to get around quickly and cut costs during your trip – the tube, buses, and trains will be your best friend.

City Mapper is a useful app that shows you exactly what forms of transit you need to take to get to your destination and gives you service updates in real-time. I would highly recommend downloading this for your visit to the Big Smoke!

Plan Ahead

Being the amazing place that it is, London is one of the most-visited cities in the world. This means that regardless of when you choose to visit, there will likely be several other tourists. I recommend planning ahead before visiting London to ensure you’re able to enjoy all of the attractions, restaurants, and other sights you’ve dreamed of.

Make reservations and get tickets in advance, as the good places and shows tend to book up quickly.

Visit Multiple Boroughs

Another unique selling point of London is the uniqueness of each individual borough. In order to get the true London experience, touring around several different boroughs is a must, as they each have their own character and special offerings. A day out in Notting Hill will differ completely from a night on the town in Shoreditch.

Partake in British Delicacies

A UK cultural tradition, afternoon tea is an excellent treat that can make you feel a bit posh while filling your tummy at the same time. It’s also a great excuse to dress up and snap some cute pics.

Arguably the most famous meal in the UK is the Sunday roast. The fact that this meal has its own designated day goes to show that the Brits are not messing around. The best time of the day to go is mid-afternoon, as sometimes pubs can run out of roasts earlier than anticipated. My favorite pubs in London for this decadent meal include The Phoenix, Princess Victoria, and The Tommyfield.

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Visit the Pubs

Pub culture is huge in London, similar to how sports bars are popular in North America and cafes are popular in Australia. Whether you’re looking to watch rugby or football, try one of several local beers or ciders on draft, or tuck into a Sunday roast, pub hopping is the best way to go.

FAQ’s About Where to Stay in London

Where should I avoid staying in London?

The main areas you should avoid in London are Croydon, Tower Hamlets, and Newham because of their high crime rates and reputations for being unsafe at night. It’s important to remain aware of your surroundings and travel with a friend, family member, or partner when walking around at night, regardless of what neighborhood you’re staying in.

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How Many Days do I need in London?

If it’s your first time in London, then you need at least 3 days. Of course, the longer you stay in London, the more of its wonderful offerings you’ll get to experience.

Does it matter which airport I fly into?

For ease of downtown access, you want to fly into either London Gatwick, London Heathrow or London City airports. You should look into which airport based on the proximity of where you stay in London.

A bit further out but still relatively central are London Stansted and London Luton. These airports often boast budget airlines with cheap flights to other cities across Europe, but can be a bit more of a trek to get to.

Should I stay in central London or will it be too busy with tourists?

Where you choose to stay in London should be heavily based on what activities you plan to do. The best place to stay in London is in a central quiet area because you get the best of both worlds. If you’re traveling with family, you’ll want to be super central in order to walk to most attractions.

Is there a time I can visit where I’ll avoid the rain?

Although rain is fairly distributed throughout the year, the dry time of year is between early February and late May. London weather tends to be quite unpredictable, and as long as you come prepared with an umbrella, the rain shouldn’t put a damper on your experience. It usually blows over quite quickly.See my full guide to the best months to visit London for more.

Is London Expensive?

London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but there are definitely ways of cutting costs on your trip. These include taking public transit, doing your research to avoid paying surcharges, and staying at more mid-range hotels or budget-friendly hotels.

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Thanks for reading my guide to where to stay in London! Whether you’re on the hunt for arts and culture, vibrant nightlife, or delicious food, London has it all.

While you’re here, be sure to check out our European backpacking budget planner!

Enjoy London!

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Where to Stay in London, By a Local (Best Areas & Places) - Travel Lemming? ›

The West End – Best for First Time Visitors

The West End – which generally refers to Covent Garden, Piccadilly and Leicester Square – is undoubtedly the best area to stay in London for sightseeing and shopping.

What area of London is best for tourists to stay? ›

The West End – Best for First Time Visitors

The West End – which generally refers to Covent Garden, Piccadilly and Leicester Square – is undoubtedly the best area to stay in London for sightseeing and shopping.

How many days do you need in London? ›

While you can see most of the main sights in London in one day or two days, for first-time visitors, I highly recommend spending at least 3-4 days in London. This should give you sufficient time to get acquainted with the city, see the main landmarks, and visit a few of the most popular tourist attractions in London.

Is Notting Hill a good area to stay in London? ›

Where to Stay in Notting Hill. While many travelers may be familiar with the bustling market of Portobello Road from watching a certain Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant rom-com, Notting Hill makes for a great place to stay if you want to avoid the typical tourist areas and see the antiques of London.

Is Camden a good area to stay in London? ›

Camden Town is also home to a wide array of attractions. You can find a warren of bustling cafés, lively markets, food stalls, tattoo shops, vintage shops, and more. You won't have much trouble moving around as the quirky neighborhood has tons of connections with tube and overground services.

What is the best way to travel around London as a tourist? ›

The best way to get around London is the rapid-transit London Underground, or what locals call "the Tube." You can even take the Tube from Heathrow Airport (LHR) – one of the world's busiest airports – into the city center.

What's the best month to go to London? ›

Peak Season (June-August)

The weather is warmest in summer and it is hands down the best climate to visit London. This is also when the city hosts numerous events and you can feel the vibrant buzz of the city during these months.

Do you tip in London? ›

Typically, people tip around 10-15% in London, except for when using taxis or public transport, where a smaller tip is frequently accepted. Tour guides do not need to be tipped, but this is up to the customer to decide. Some restaurants add an automatic tip to your bill.

How much money do I need for 2 weeks in London? ›

Whatever your itinerary, this average per person budget for 2 weeks should get you by: Budget trip: £770. Mid-range trip: £1890. Luxury trip: £4000.

What is so special about Notting Hill? ›

Notting Hill is known for being a cosmopolitan and multicultural neighbourhood, hosting the annual Notting Hill Carnival and Portobello Road Market. From around 1870, Notting Hill had an association with artists.

How far is Notting Hill from Kensington? ›

The distance between Notting Hill, West Kensington and Kensington (Olympia), West Kensington is approximately 1.76 mi, which can typically be travelled in 20 min.

Why is Notting Hill so well known? ›

Notting Hill is one of London's most famous locations, mainly because of its use in many films. It's a perfect mix of some of London's finer details; markets, food, nightlife, and parks. This is a roundup of some of our favourite things to do in the Notting Hill Area.

Why is Camden Town so popular? ›

Camden's world-class tourist attractions are renowned across the globe. Many of the most famous attractions are free to visit, for example the Camden markets or Camden Lock. Camden is the best known for its people which makes just walking around an adventure.

Why is Camden so popular? ›

Camden Town is one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in London, best known for shopping and entertainment. It is artsy, creative, and buzzing with live music and famous markets. All this makes Camden one of the city's most popular boroughs to visit, in addition to the most famous sights and attractions in London.

Why is Camden so famous? ›

Camden has been home to many famous people including John Keats, Charles Dickens, George Bernard Shaw and JB Priestley and continues to be the home for many celebrities. Camden today is a multi-cultural area at the heart of London and will no doubt continue to evolve and change over the next 2,000 years.

Is it easy to get around without a car in London? ›

The London Tube Network

In fact, in the UK subways are underground passages. London might be known for its back taxis or red double-decker buses, but the London Tube is one of the most popular ways of transportation in the city. It is easy to use and can get you from one side of the city to your destination safely.

How much is a 3 day Oyster card? ›

Want to spend 3 days in London and travel by regular Double-Decker bus? Buy a £20 Visitor Oyster card and save on an iconic London bus journey: £1.75 for a single journey, with £5.25 as a daily cap! Note that the fare allows unlimited bus journeys within an hour.

What are 5 ways of travelling around London? ›

Ways to get around
  • Cycling.
  • Walking.
  • Tube.
  • IFS Cloud Cable Car.
  • Elizabeth line.

What is the prettiest street in London? ›

London's Most Beautiful Streets
  • Elizabeth Street, Belgravia. ...
  • Neal's Yard, Covent Garden. ...
  • Burlington Arcade, Mayfair. ...
  • Kynance Mews, Paddington. ...
  • Bathurst Mews, Paddington. ...
  • Bywater Street, Chelsea.

Which side of London is the rich side? ›

The richest and most expensive neighbourhoods in London are definitely Chelsea, Kensington, Mayfair, and Knightsbridge! These neighbourhoods are known for their fashionable and expensive shops and restaurants, as well as being home to many of the richest people in the world.

What is the most luxurious part of London? ›

What Are the Traditionally Posh Areas in London? Knightsbridge, the City of Westminster, and Chelsea are traditionally posh areas of London.

What month is cheapest to go to London? ›

The cheapest time of year to visit London is from November to March. This is when prices for hotels and flights are typically lower, but you'll need to deal with colder weather and more rain.

What month is the cheapest to stay in London? ›

The most affordable time to visit London will almost always be the winter months of January and February, as the holiday season is over and there's not a whole lot going on. Hotels in London are almost always busy, so there usually isn't a season in which you can expect much better prices for your hotel room.

What month is the most crowded in London? ›

The summer months of July and August and December near Christmas are generally the busiest times of year for tourists. That being said, London is an amazing destination to visit year-round and offers world-famous attractions, events, and restaurants during every season.

Do you need to carry cash in London? ›

It's good to carry some cash for smaller purchases or to use for tips. You'll easily find ATMs at banks, stores and gas stations — but try to only use your debit card. You'll pay steep fees getting a cash advance from your credit cards.

Can you use American money in London? ›

The currency in the UK is the pound sterling. You won't be able to use dollars. Best to use your plastic to take some sterling out of a cash machine when you arrive.

Is Dollar accepted in London? ›

The currency used in the UK is the british pound (£). The only place in the uk you'll be able to spend dollars is a currency exchange.

How much is an average dinner in London? ›

Average food cost per month in London
Restaurant type or itemAverage price range (GBP)
Average restaurant meal10 - 30
Average meal for two in mid-priced restaurant45 - 100
Pint of beer8
Average bottle of wine in supermarket6
Jul 22, 2022

How much cash should I carry to UK? ›

You must declare cash of £10,000 or more to UK customs if you're carrying it between Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and a country outside the UK. If you're travelling as a family or group with more than £10,000 in total (even if individuals are carrying less than that) you still need to make a declaration.

How much is breakfast in London? ›

A traditional English breakfast from a typical café will cost £6-£9. You can also find plenty of budget-friendly options at the bakery or grocery store. Croissants and other baked goods start at around £1.50. Coffee from a typical café will cost around £2.50-£4.

What is the most famous Notting Hill street? ›

Portobello Road is the most famous street in Notting Hill.

This street has many shops and restaurants and is where you will find the Portobello Road Market.

What day is Portobello market open? ›

Portobello Road Market's main trading day is Saturday when it opens from 9am to 7pm. Arrive early to beat the crowds! The market is also open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Wednesday, when you'll find iconic London fruit and vegetable stalls, alongside vendors selling household goods and bric-a-brac.

Where is the famous street in Notting Hill? ›

Portobello Road is a street in the Notting Hill district of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in West London. It runs almost the length of Notting Hill from South to North, roughly parallel with Ladbroke Grove.

How long should you spend in Notting Hill? ›

You should reserve at least two hours to spend at Notting Hill. Stroll along the half-mile stretch of Portobello Road and explore the many market stalls. You can also sit down for a coffee at one of the many fashionable restaurants and cafes for a spot of people watching on a busy, market day.

Which tube is best for Notting Hill? ›

Notting Hill Gate is the main Tube station in the area, and it's served by the Central line, the District line and the Circle line. Alternatively, use Westbourne Park station or Ladbroke Grove station on the Hammersmith and City line and Circle line and then walk along Portobello Road towards Notting Hill Gate.

Is it worth going to Notting Hill? ›

Notting Hill is so much more than just the setting for that famous movie: it plays host to the Notting Hill Carnival, Europe's biggest street fiesta; it's brimming with fashionable restaurants, pubs, bars and shops; it's home to one of London's best street markets: Portobello Road; and it's got oodles of fascinating ...

Do any celebrities live in Notting Hill? ›

Some of the oft-mentioned celebrities that live (or recently lived) in Notting Hill are Blur frontman Damon Albarn, designers Bella Freud and Stella McCartney, ex-Eastender Martine McCutcheon, singer Bjork (sometimes), Robbie Williams, supermodel Claudia Schiffer as well as others.

Why do people love Notting Hill? ›

Notting Hill is a sweet, good-natured romantic comedy that succeeds on every level it is trying to be. The story is well-written and more original then it may come off from the trailers. This is a film about movie stars that actually have meaningful conversations about being movie stars.

Where are the Colourful houses in Notting Hill? ›

However, the most famous Notting Hill colourful houses are located in Hillgate Place. Just a short walk from Notting Hill Gate Underground Station. Other popular spots in the area are Lancaster Road, Clarendon Road and of course the famous Portobello Road for it's shopping.

What is the most central part of London to stay in? ›

Charing Cross: Best Area to Stay for First Time in London

Ideally located between Covent Garden and Oxford Street, the area around Charing Cross (the neighborhoods of Covent Garden and Soho) gives you easy access to the most popular places in central London.

Is it better to stay in East or West London? ›

As a rule it's cheaper to live in East London than west, great news when you're on a budget. There's more great news, this time if you love to get out and about after dark. East London has a better nightclub scene, with a wider choice of places to paint the town red.

Where to go in London to avoid crowds? ›

Hampstead is another part of London that seems like it's a world away from the busy city life. Although it's still part of London, Hampstead has a village-like feel. It's only a 25-minute Tube ride north of central London, making it a great place to spend the afternoon if you want to get away from the crowds.

Which London Street is famous for its hotels? ›

Oxford Street in London is one of the world's most famous places. This guide to Oxford Street hotels, transport and attractions will help you find out more about this iconic London location!

Where is the prime location to stay in London? ›

12 Best Neighborhoods & Areas to Stay in London
  • Mayfair. The iconic streets of quaint Mayfair (photo: alexeyfedoren / Depositphotos) ...
  • Soho. The iconic character of Carnaby Street. ...
  • Kensington & Chelsea. The Natural History Museum looking majestic. ...
  • Shoreditch. ...
  • Covent Garden. ...
  • Kings Cross. ...
  • Camden. ...
  • Marylebone.
Jun 1, 2023

What is the best affordable neighborhood to stay in London? ›

What is the best neighborhood budget travelers? If you're on a budget, stay in King's Cross/Camden. It has lots of affordable hostels, cheap eats, and vintage markets and shops.

What is the main center of London? ›

The custom of considering the location of the old Charing Cross to be the arbitrary centre of London seems to have arisen in the late 18th or early 19th century. Laws and rules were often written from that period specifying that everything within a certain distance of Charing Cross was to be considered part of London.

Which side of London is cheaper? ›

1. Barking and Dagenham. This East London borough is just nine miles from the centre of the city, and home to the lowest average house price in the capital.

Why is East London so popular? ›

As famous for Jack the Ripper as it is for Brick Lane, the area is a cultural melting pot where you can get involved with a diverse range activities from watching sporting events in the Olympic Park to browsing independent galleries in Hoxton.

Is North London better than South London? ›

South London parks cover 34% of the region's boroughs. The north is a little bit less green. North London parks and other green areas cover 29% of the northern boroughs. If you love getting outdoors, sunbathing, running, jogging or just relaxing, choose south London for a more tranquil lifestyle.

Where do Americans hangout in London? ›

Kensington. Kensington and Chelsea seem to be particularly close to Americans' hearts. This borough is among the most expensive places to live in London, boasting large, spacious and well-maintained properties. Part of Kensington's appeal is its air of authentic London.

What street in London is like Times Square? ›

London's Take on Times Square

London's equivalent to New York's Times Square, Piccadilly Circus brings bright bold billboards that will dazzle and delight. This area of London is always alive with entertainment and can be recognised by its fountain topped with a statue of an archer.

What is the most fashionable street in London? ›

Oxford Street, Central London

One of the world's most famous high streets, Oxford Street is home to some of the most popular shops in London. Stretching from Marble Arch to Tottenham Court Road, you can easily spend an entire day browsing an abundance of shops.


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